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Condos Above Petworth Metro Watch

by Prince Of Petworth December 13, 2007 at 10:47 pm 13 Comments

IMG_6115, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

For the expats abroad. It’s starting to get some serious foundation. It seems like the two cranes have been working nonstop. But what I am more excited about is what it will bring to us. Check out the Mocha Hut below. This is from the U Street location. We are going to have a similar set up very soon. I dare say it is going to be dope sky.

Comments (13)

  1. I gotta go by again and check, but a few weeks ago, the 14th St Heights Mocha Hut was still closed. I hope the Petworth location has better luck.

  2. CAN’T WAIT for this new development comes in – really hoping that it will be a catalyst for better development along the Georgia Ave. corridor. And when I say better development I don’t mean hello to Starbucks – I mean goodbye (hopefully) to check cashing establishments and nudie bars!

  3. But what I am more excited about is what it will bring to us.

    Yayyy!!! Just what the District needed even MORE condos! Gimme a “G” gimme an “E” gimme an “N” gimme a “T” gimme an “R” gimme an “I” gimme an “F” gimme another “I”…oh screw it.

  4. There may be a glut of condos on the market, but in most cases a renovated (or newly contructed) condo building is preferable to whatever eyesore existed before.

  5. I still can’t believe the development at Petworth Metro hasn’t progressed further than this. I moved from there almost a year ago and it looks almost the same when I was last there. The development at 77 K just started months ago, but it looks like it’s halfway done.

    Whatever happens at Georgia Ave, I hope it’s for the better. Something needs to be done to clean that strip up and add more color and vibe to it.

  6. There could be lots of things going on behind the scenes that have led to its delay. The condos going up at 15th and P in Logan stalled for about a year due to a water drainage issue that couldn’t be resolved. it’s frustrating, to be sure, when these developments go on seemingly forever. But it’s not always the city’s permitting process holding things up. I’m not saying that’s necessarily the case here, but I guess you don’t really know.

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