Better Hurry President’s Day is a Long Ways Away

by Prince Of Petworth October 29, 2007 at 8:26 pm 7 Comments

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Well, if the building only has (I’m guessing) four units total do you really want to celebrate that you only have two left? I love the false sense of panic it instills. It reminds of car commercials on TV.

I am always fond of the car commercials that announce “incredible savings” every single month. Whether it is Columbus Day Sale, Veteran’s Day Sale, President’s Day etc. They always say “this sale only lasts through the end of the month”. But then there is a new sale every single month. Do people really run out and buy a car/condo out of panic that they’ll miss the sale?

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  1. Another area of incredible human advancement is tooth brushes. It is just amazing how much better they get, virtually every month! The same for diapers! Woah…

    Anyway, I for one I am happy that this mini-condo has “only” two units left. :) Its good to see 14th St nort of Tivoli improving.

  2. Holy shit! Only two left?!?! I better grab them before they’re gone. These condos are HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

  3. My wife and I actually took a look at one of these two left — two BR, 1.5 BA loft. It was a nice unit with great views, but the loft portion was kind of pointless, and the loiterers outside kind of put my wife off of the place anyway.

    As far as the false sense of urgency is concerned — these two units have been on the market for quite some time now, so I guess the brokers are getting desperate.

  4. I wa sjust going to say…there’s a sense of urgency alright, but it isn’t on the part of potential buyers.

    The building is lovely though…how about knocking the price down a couple of pegs and see if those two units don’t vanish rather quick-like. Someone needs to inform devlopers like this that the gargantuan return on investment that you envisioned while you fixed the place up isn’t written in stone.

  5. Well, it also depends how deep pockets the devopers have – i.e. whether they can afford to just sit and wait, for the right buyer, better market, development of 14th St. futher etc.

  6. Very nice-looking renovation and could serve as a model on how to give an old building a fresh look without destroying its historic character or dominating the structures around it. In a city with a plethora of ugly renovations and selfish public space encroachments, I hope the developer gets the return they are seeking.

  7. Blah! No! These condos are no good on the inside. Sorry to the people who bought the first two….

    They don’t seem to be designed for actual living. They are designed to “sell”… which they aren’t doing, as it is pretty easy to see that living in them would be awkward. And the giant ugly cage that surrounds the building gives more of a sense of claustrophobia than security..

    I don’t know, maybe they just left a bed impression on me when I looked at them earlier this year (February?)– and the flyer I got in the mail from the realtors (‘the Mandy and David group’) was just too much. The realtors needs to come up with a better name for themselves unless they intended to come across as a college fraternity boy/sorority girl couple. (I was a sorority girl, so I can say that… right?)


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