• Anonymous

    i like his comment that the good review isn’t just because he’s afraid that the Prince of Petworth will hunt him down!

  • Anonymous

    I’m still not too high on TH, and don’t understand how it keeps on getting great reviews. I had an abysmal visit there the first night it opened, but chalked that up to first night hiccups.

    I recently went back with a few friends. While the waitress was very cheery, she wasn’t too skilled at the position and didn’t know anything at all about the drinks on the menu.

    Then, as we were sitting in the new couches (where the pool table used to be) the chef comes back and turns the TV WAY up – loud enough to hear it above the loud, jukebox music – so she can watch American Idol. Keep in mind, the TV and where she is standing is no more than a few feet from where we are sitting.

    Every time I’ve been to TH, it’s something else like this. When is Petworth going to get an establishment with owners and staff that know the meaning of hospitality. Both Domku and TH fall well short of what I normally expect in this category.

  • GuinnessPhish

    I have to agree with anonymous, to a degree……

    the waitstaff is really clueless, usually….and the food can take WAY too long to prepare.

    Dan, while friendly, is also pretty clueless, it seems….

  • Prince of Petworth

    I have always had swift and friendly service. Plus, based on my bar experiences in the city, which is extensive, the bartender Scott is by far one of the best in the entire city.

  • Anonymous

    Temperance Hall is outstanding. It’s a great local hang out, has an ever expanding (already large collection) jukebox. That’s the thing for me, depending on who’s putting in music you always get something different, I LOVE that about the place. And, the decor is just perfect. Honestly, it’s one of the best bars in DC. We’re just lucky to have it in Petworth!


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