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  1. Invisible Sun

    Perhaps people are wearier now. For me, I used to actually enjoy air travel. Now, with all the cuts in service, fewer amenities, long, long line, and additional security, I dread air travel. The last time I was at National, not only did I have to remove my shoes, as everyone does now, I had to get into a glass box in which air was blown onto me to detect whether I had come in contact with bomb-making equipment. How uplifting is that experience as part of a trip? I don’t know if we’ll ever go back to the halcyon days of air travel I remember.

  2. I remember that too. Times change. I also remember people dressing up not down when flying. Some things change for the good, some for the bad. A couple of years ago, flying in a REALLY bad storm to NY, when we landed, EVERYONE clapped. Funny how that happens.

  3. I loved the applause. Around 9/11 it made a brief return, but quickly faded. I have even tried initiating upon landing with no luck…

  4. The only three times I’ve seen applause upon landing was after rough flights thru TERRIBLE weather.

    I still dress up for flights. It makes it more fun.

  5. The last applause I heard on a fair weather flight was landing in Kingston. Free champagne too!

  6. I agree that this hardly ever happens anymore. However, it did happen on one of my flights a few weeks ago. Maybe it is more prevalent in certain parts of the country? We were landing in a relatively small, Southern city.

  7. I flew on one of the first, jumbo jet flights (Boeing 747) in March, 1970, from London Heathrow to JFK. When we took off, flying over Windsor Castle within minutes, everyone burst into a round of applause. Hours later when we landed at JFK, everyone applauded again. Those were the days of cheap full, lots of empty seats on planes, nonstops to wherever I wanted to go.

    “Those were the days, oh yes, those were the days.”

  8. How did the spam posts get through? I thought entering “Petworth” deterred that. I guess someone took the time to spam your post, which is pretty sad.


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