Washington, DC

Back in January we had a discussion about Kilroy Cleaners. At the time there was a split between people who were fed up with Kilroy cleaners on Upshur St. and those who wanted to continue supporting them as they are a local neighborhood business. Well, I have noticed on the Petworth Yahoo group that not much has changed. Apparently the service is still terrible. Now, I am dreading dropping off my dry cleaning. It has been since January though so that is not a bad run for avoiding the dry cleaners. Anyway, my question is: clearly their service is terrible and many people have complained, so how come nothing has changed? This, to me, seems like rule number one in running a small business, placate your customers. Didn’t they used to teach – “the customer is always right”? So what the hell is going on here? Recommendations for a good alternative dry cleaner are accepted. I think I may try the new place across from the Giant grocery store.


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