Kilroy don’t kill the PoP Part 2

by Prince Of Petworth June 12, 2007 at 8:49 pm 7 Comments

Back in January we had a discussion about Kilroy Cleaners. At the time there was a split between people who were fed up with Kilroy cleaners on Upshur St. and those who wanted to continue supporting them as they are a local neighborhood business. Well, I have noticed on the Petworth Yahoo group that not much has changed. Apparently the service is still terrible. Now, I am dreading dropping off my dry cleaning. It has been since January though so that is not a bad run for avoiding the dry cleaners. Anyway, my question is: clearly their service is terrible and many people have complained, so how come nothing has changed? This, to me, seems like rule number one in running a small business, placate your customers. Didn’t they used to teach – “the customer is always right”? So what the hell is going on here? Recommendations for a good alternative dry cleaner are accepted. I think I may try the new place across from the Giant grocery store.

  • oliveskinnednica

    PoP – I was pleasantly amazed this past Sat when i dropped off my dry cleaning at Kilroys and the lady who is regularly mean to me was actually nice! She started out with her normal mutterings…something about it being 10 mins to close on sat night, it being damn hot in there, and on and on. After not being able to find my shirts for about 3-4 mins, I pointed them out further along the dry-o-matic machine (whatever it is called). She was genuinely thankful, told me so, and told me to have a good day. I almost cried and hugged her – but i just smiled and walked away. I’ll let you know how it goes this Sat…but i hope she’s there again…

  • K

    Try French’s on 14th just north of Spring Rd. They are nice, local, and not as yuppie as the one’s by Giant.

  • Karen

    I’m off to try Kilroy’s now as it happens (I too, LOVED my dry cleaner in Cleveland Park) and will see what I think! Is the only issue the friendliness, or has anyone found problematic cleaning, or ripped clothing as well?

  • Markus

    I go all the way to the Zips Dry Cleaner on Connecticut. I’ve had a few problems there, but nothing to stop me from going.

  • Anonymous

    There used to be a sweet, delightful, older lady at Kilroy’s, and we went there because of her. But they broke buttons on shirts, suits… Then they got an awful, nasty woman who seemed to genuinely hate people and hate her job. I got to hate listening to her complain about “migranes” if you pointed out a flaw in their work. I’d walk in the door and she’d look at me angry and wild-eyed at 4:15 pm on a Saturday and bark, “I’m outta here in 45 minutes and I CAN’T WAIT!!!” Was I supposed to feel welcome with that kind of greeting?

    “MOE, LARRY, CHEESE! MOE, LARRY, CHEESE!,” I’d be thinking.

    She said Kilroy’s would not replace damaged buttons. “Didn’t you read the sign about damaged articles not being our responsibility?!!!”


    The last straw was when they broke several buttons on several articles of clothing, and this woman was downright nasty about it.

    I returned to my old cleaners in my own neighborhood, three miles away, where the owner and staff remain a joy to deal with. They even replace broken buttons or re-sew loose buttons with a smile. I think that’s called customer service!

    Kilroy’s has lost my business for good.

    Kinda like restaurant owners who have filthy bathrooms. I always think the cleanliness of restaurant/bar bathrooms or lack thereof reflects the owner’s and manager’s view of their customers. Friendliness and helpfulness at the service counter don’t cost much and neither do clean public restrooms.

  • Anonymous

    you should just sue them for $67 million next time they break a button!

  • stickymcbiscuit

    French’s on 14th. I lived right near there for years and never had a problem. Very nice folks, excellent work.


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