Washington, DC

So in case you can’t tell by the lack of photos, I am on a business trip out of town. As such, I had the pleasure of dining with a colleague of mine this evening. My colleague is wonderful but is far more familiar with Georgetown than Upper NorthWest DC for sure. At any rate, we get to discussing where we live this evening. Now for many years whenever I told people I lived in Petworth they would either stare at me with a completely blank look on their face or they would feign knowledge in a very obvious way. But tonight, when I told my colleague I lived in Petworth, she said “oh yeah, that is that really cool up and coming neighborhood.” Now to me that is a fantastic answer. Hell, a few years ago cab drivers would barely take me to Petworth. I understand some people may be upset at the “up and coming” part. But the fact that she even heard of Petworth, and especially in a positive light made me very happy. Have you experienced folks that you were surprised had heard of Petworth?


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