Washington, DC

About three years ago I had lived in Petworth for a year and was going through a very rough personal time. During this tough time I would sit on my porch blasting Bob Dylan almost every evening. And when I say evening I mean into the early morning sometimes until 3 or 4 am, sleep was very tough to come by. So I along with my friends decided to throw a gigantic bash to get my mind off things. This party started at noon and was epic. Three kegs, horseshoes, bbq, very good music, and lots of people. So a buddy of mine had never been to my house before and parks down the street. Now, thankfully things have gotten a bit better but at this time there were, er…let’s just call them street entrepreneurs. So my buddy is looking all over the place for my house and can’t find it because he is a block away. So he’s walking around looking very lost and the street entrepreneurs approach him. Very adamantly, they say to him: “You looking for the crazy white boy’s party? It’s right up the street on the left!” True story. I guess you never know who’s watching your back.


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