PoP 6 month review

by Prince Of Petworth April 16, 2007 at 7:00 pm 11 Comments

Well, I am happy to note that Prince of Petworth has been up and running for 6 months. It has been great. It has gained a devoted following and often gets linked on the Washington Post Express, Wonkette and other sites. I owe its success to you the readers. We are mostly a respectful group and as you have seen we touch upon controversial issues from time to time without degrading into curses and hate. This is good and this is what seperates us from many other neighborhood sites. I read a lot of neighborhood sites and many of them are quite good but I can assure you that our community is among the best in the City. Nevertheless, I would like to make the site better so please take a few moments and let me know your thoughts.

Would you like to see more Real estate coverage?

More Political posts?

More crime/public safety posts?

More meet your neighbor posts?

More restaurant/bar/cafe reviews?

More/less photography?

More links to other local and DC news?

More of my own witty/inane observations?

Other types of posts?

Also, I am looking to expand coverage. I love Petworth and that will continue to be the major focus but I’d like to expand coverage to Columbia Heights, U Street, Logan Circle, and others. Would covering these nearby neighborhoods be of interest? Are there other neighborhoods you’d like to see covered.

Thanks very much for any advice you can give. Please post a comment or email me directly at [email protected]


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