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A Note of Explanation

by Prince Of Petworth April 29, 2007 at 5:37 pm 23 Comments

I would to take this opportunity just to explain the purpose of this blog. I love Petworth and I love Washington DC. Sure, I have complaints but overall I think we live in the greatest city and the greatest neighborhood within that city. I have lived in DC for 10 years and 4 of those have been in Petworth. I say that, because I understand the geography of DC. Some people have written to complain that I have remarked on areas outside of Petworth. That is true. But I’d like to explain it this way: the Marines, I believe, have a saying, God, Country, Corps. Those are things that they are most honored to serve. And I have my own, Washington DC, NorthWest DC, and Petworth. That is who is I seek to serve. The whole purpose of this blog is to share my love of those three things. Of course, Petworth will take up the bulk of posts but that doesn’t mean I have restricted myself only to cover Petworth. I love this city. And I love Petworth. And every year I find more reasons to love both. And I will continue to do so. So understand that I know the geography of DC probably better than most. If I remark on a neighborhood outside of Petworth, I am aware of this fact. Some people like to bust my chops, and often I need my chops busted. As a matter of fact, a blog has sprung up whose sole purpose is to make fun of this blog. And that is cool. I am flattered. But for this blog, I have a few rules. One is that pure hatred will not be tolerated. That is not to say that debate is discouraged. On the contrary debate is good. And because we live in such a diverse community, diverse in politics, opinions as well as diverse in race- no doubt people will disagree with one another. That is cool. But realize we are representing this community to the outside as well. For some reason I have readers, in Germany, Japan, California, NY etc. We should recognize that we are a major voice of this community. Again, pure stupidity and hatred will not be tolerated. And let us remember that it is diversity that makes this community great. I have said it before, but it is the combination of old time residents, new residents, residents originally from other countries that make us so special. We must embrace this diversity because without it, we are simply ordinary.


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