Washington, DC

Since I am only one person and have had trouble interviewing all the candidates, I will certainly include statements from those I have been unable to interview in person.

“My name is Charles Gaither. I am a candidate for the Ward 4 City Council Election on May 1st.

I happen to be a native of Washington DC. I grew up in Shepherd Park and have lived in Petworth and now in Brightwood with my wife.

I graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School and from UDC with a degree in Urban Studies. I have tutored, mentored and volunteered in many capacities in the school system.

I have also provided constituent services for Ward 4 residents as an outreach coordinator in the Mayor’s Office, I have served as an Education Specialist for the Board of Education, and I also been employed by the Chief of Police to do outreach for the District of Columbia.

Additionally, I have been elected to serve on The local Democratic Party for 4 consecutive terms (1992, 1996, 2000 & 2004) in Ward 4. I also served the Party as the Executive Director in 1993 and 1994.

I have been committed to public service since 1981 when I participated in a high school service project where I tutored weekly at Takoma Elementary School.

I have been reading this blog for the past few weeks and felt compelled to make you aware of my candidacy and my record.

Unlike some of the other well-funded campaigns, I do not have the means to produce and pay for expensive camapaign materials and a bevy of consultants. I am relying on a few friends and neighbors that recognize my past and believe as I do in a responsible and good government that provides support and services to all residents of the Ward.

Please visit my site at:


email or call me at: [email protected] and/or 202-306-9867 (cell)

I am committed to Ward 4 and would very much like to have your consideration for May 1st.

Also know that I am campaigning full time so I do have time to visit with you to hear your issues, concerns and figure out a way to implement solutions.



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