Why is there so much hatred toward Muriel Bowser?

by Prince Of Petworth March 21, 2007 at 9:16 pm 9 Comments

As I have said many times I haven’t made up my mind yet how I will vote, or for that matter who I will endorse. But a friend of my wrote me today asking a very interesting question: Why did Muriel Bowser win her ANC seat so convincingly?

ANC FOR SMD 4B09 (1) 1/1 100.00%
Under Votes: 84
Over Votes:
MURIEL E. BOWSER 601 89.57%
Write In, if any 70 10.43%
Total … 671 100.00%

The above is from the DC election website. It seems Muriel Bowser won her ANC seat with 601 votes and only 70 votes were written in against her. It appears noone even officially ran against her. So where is the all hate from?


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