Washington, DC

Ah, that was a nice idea. It was such a lovely thought. The police were going to be walking the beat saying hello to the neighbors, getting to know folks, etc. etc. Yeah, well it hasn’t happened in Petworth as far as I am concerned. Now you all have to understand, I am not a normal fellow. I walk for hours and hours just to walk. I walk all around Petworth, Columbia Heights and U Street. I observe, I look at cool houses, I look at cool flowers, I talk to cool people. And you know how many cops I have seen “walking the beat”? Two! And that is two who were walking together, not two separate occasions. So I ask you, Chief Lanier, Mayor Fenty, what gives? Where are these foot patrols and community policing initatives you promised us? I believe I’m going to have call bullshit on this one.

Fellow Petworthians and residents of the District, is it just me? Have you seen foot patrols? If they send an officer to an ANC meeting I don’t exactly call that community policing.


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