Washington, DC

Well, normally I feel much more comfortable bitching and complaining from a comfortable chair. I am, however, psyched when other people do things to improve the community. Well, I’m going to do my small part. Please join me in this gesture in what I am calling the war against garbage in Petworth or WAGIP. If you make an acronym you know it is serious. At any rate I have decided to carry an empty plastic bag with me on my walks to the metro every morning. I have gotten tired of carrying trash in my arms just from picking it up in front of my house. So it hit me, why not carry an empty plastic bag, from safeway or whatever, and fill it up on my walk to the metro. The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort. So if some of you loyal readers can do the same on your walks to work or metro or bus or wherever we can make Petworth shine like it should.

Be hip and participate in WAGIP. (Ed note: that rhymes but is so awful I just punched myself, but participate anyway.)


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