Washington, DC

There is an enthusiastic discussion going on here, on gentrification in Petworth. Ah the inevitable gentrification discussion.

I’ll just throw in my two cents on their discussion: some of them are idiots. I feel as though most of those people have never even visited Petworth let alone live here. They describe Petworth like it is some kind of crime infested slum. Ha! They couldn’t be further from the truth. We have a beautiful community filled with hard working mostly middle class good people. Most folks don’t realize that the majority of homes in Petworth are owner occupied. That means people have a vested interest in their community. Petworth is a gem. Sure there are some flaws, which I even discuss from time to time. But the fact that people talk about Petworth like it is a dangerous slum is simply ridiculous. We are very lucky to live here. All of us, old timers, new comers, immigrants, citizens…it is this combination of folks who love their community, which makes it such a special place to live. But I think my thoughts are pretty clear on this matter.


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