Washington, DC

All this talk about the Ward 4 council election has got me thinking. Since many of the candidates are using their ANC service as a springboard to the council I figured it may be worth investigating. ANC Representatives: Do you know what they do? Are they visible in your neighborhoods? I remember when I was a renter I could not care less but now that I am landed it seems like I should know what they are up to. A few months ago I was very pleased about my ANC SMD 4C10 Commissioner. In January he handed out a newsletter with lots of great information and then…nothing. I haven’t heard a peep since. Now, I know that the chair is supposed to be fantastic because I hear people talking about his good work all the time. I’m talking about our local reps. Yeah, I know I should go to the meetings but neither do you so stop judging me. Now, back to judging our local ANC reps and the Friday question of the day – Do you know what they do, and if so are you pleased with your local ANC rep?


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