Washington, DC

It sounds like the begining of a great joke but I swear I saw it last night. I was meeting a friend for a drink at the Tabbard Inn in Dupont, which by the by is a fantastic joint. It feels like the living room of, well, of a nice Inn. But anyway the first thing I notice walking in is former Supreme Court Justice O’Connor having drinks in a wingback chair. It was kind of sureal. You know when you see someone quite famous but you’re not sure who it is, I was thinking, oh shit that’s Ann Richards, the former Governor of Texas but no she died, holy cow that is Sandra Day O’Connor. Then my friend arrives and we sit in the corner and five minutes later Scooter Libby walks in. He heads straight to the restaurant with his own little group. I’m thinking damn I don’t think I belong here. Anyway, I wish I could say that the two were drinking together, or got stumbling drunk or that they got into a fight, or were having torrid love affair, or they were cursing Dick Cheney…that would be exciting. But no, none of that happened, the most exciting part of the evening was thinking that I saw Ann Richards, because she very likely may have gotten drunk, got into a fight and most certainly she would have cursed Dick Cheney!


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