Mussolini’s inner feelings?

Today’s Washington Express had one of those small snippets located at the top of the page in the print edition:

“Experts are examining diaries thought to have belonged to World War II era Italian leader
Benito Mussolini. However, a British historian familiar with the writings said they contained
‘nothing seriously new that the world needed to know’.”

A possible entry can be found below.

May 22, 1943

Dear Diary,

Gosh, Adolf can be such a jerk!!!! He keeps hounding me. Why can’t I beat the Americans? He keeps pushing and pushing me. He can be so mean. I told him I was trying as hard as I could. But no, that just isn’t good enough for him. I don’t know what he wants from me. I’m trying so hard. I tried growing a moustache like him but he just called me fat. And I’ve been dieting for three weeks. I can’t do anything right. Well I’m going to show him, at least my fellow Italians still respect me…


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