Petworth or New Jersey?

by Prince Of Petworth January 16, 2007 at 11:08 pm 7 Comments

Why is it sometimes I leave my house and I am damn proud to be from Petworth and sometimes I leave my house shaking my head? This morning as I opened the door and looked on to my front yard I couldn’t tell if I was in Petworth or New Jersey. Trash was everywhere. And at 8:30 in the morning dressed properly for work, it really sucks to pick up other people’s trash. On top of that I see a guy walking down the street fling a huge bag of trash in the empty lot on New Hampshire and Quincy. Now I’m really shaking my head. To top things off as I get to the escalator of the metro there is a guy spitting on the escalator. Twice. Now that is just wrong. WTF? This is unacceptable. I felt like that Native American in the commercial with the tear rolling down his cheek. We cannot let this aggression stand. Right?


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