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  1. I guess those people don’t believe that we should protect anonymous sources either. Maybe everyone should wear a name tag on the street so we always know the name of everyone walking down the street at us too. Or on our cars so that we know the name of the person who just cut us off. Or maybe I just want one less website with my information registered out there.

  2. I think that you should require people to identify themselves if they post comments to the blog. In the current political climate in Ward 4, some candidates and their surrogates say anything they want to disparage their opponents. The negative postings about Muriel Bowser do not reflect the very accomplished woman and civil servant that I’ve known and respect. Fortunately, blogs don’t vote. I’ll vote for Muriel Bowser, since she is heads and shoulders above the rest of the field.

  3. Prince of Petworth

    So far it is one to one. I need a little more feedback before I make the decision. Just for the record the only information you’d have to give is a name and email address. You can tell by the post above that you don’t even have to give your last name.

  4. If the comments were all glowing and favorable, no one would complain. In DC there is an expectation that citizens should be un-informed and just sign on behind the next person. If you happen to not walk lock-step with the pack, then shame on you and lose your spot on somebody’s A-list.

    That people are complaining about anonymous criticism makes me wonder if they should have a reason to be concerned after disclosing their names.

    People have a right to express their concerns about those who seek to represent them in office. So far, what I have read is what citizens claim to have experienced for themselves, and no different than what happens on community listserves when people engage discussions about any number of issues, favorable or unfavorable.

    The candidate being boosted by the mayor is clearly not everyone’s choice for legit reasons. The same could be said about any party in the race. I won’t speak for anyone else who has posted, but my reasons for not supporting Muriel Bowser, and my signature still stands.

    RC Page in Ward4

  5. Prince, it is probably Muriel Bowser who is complaining about the TRUTH being tld about her…she knows she hasn’t done anything in her own communinty…join the 4D neighbors yahoo list and you will see what some of her neighbors wrote about her theirself!
    Just because Adrian is saying he is backing her means nothing. He is backing her because he knows he will be able to control her vote if she were to win on the council which is pretty sad.
    I saw some not to pleasing remarks on other candidates they stood tall and took it…tey didn’t wine about it and tell you STOP! YOUR HURTUNG MY FEELINGS. Grow the hell up or get out of the race.

  6. Prince just cause Muriel Bowser wants to know who is telling the truth about her doesn’t mean you need to change they way you have been doing things…who does she think she is now SCAREFACE….PLEASE!

  7. Prince of Petworth

    Just for the record: Muriel Bowser has not complained about anonymous postings. The complaints come from regular readers. I will continue to allow anonymous postings. Thanks for all the input.

  8. Can you allow some posts to have anonymous comments and others not to? I guess I can understand a concern that it’s very easy to lob bombs when you don’t have your name out there. That said, it’s not like people have to use their real names, either.

    Hmm. Good luck with this. It’s bound to get more heated.

  9. Well, it’s one thing if someone writes something false and hides behind an anonymous posting like some cowardly drive by. But there is no reason that legitimate comments can’t be made without having to reveal oneself. If we did everything based on the “political climate” then we’d be in some serious trouble.

  10. I have not made up my mind about the ward 4 council race, so I am attending all events to get a feel for each candidate. That being said,I attended a kickoff fundraiser at Bill Lightfoot’s house for Muriel Bowser. This fundraiser spared no expense, live band, large, heated tent on the tennis court, shrimp cocktails and host of people from all over the city and beyond. Obviously, this was the Mayors’s entourage and his event. Anyway,I must say that I was disappointed in Ms. Bowser’s showing, from her reading her speech to her stating she supports Fenty in his school takeover. Now, my question for her is simply this, how can you support that without seeing the plan or have you seen the plan? Regardless, you are rubber stamping something that nobody else has seen. Also, when Ms. Bowser mentioned that she was for “affordable housing”, I just smiled and said to myself you are kidding right, we are on a tennis court at somebody’s private house. And you are telling everybody that you are for affordable housing…things that make you go…hmmm.

  11. She wasn’t impressive as a treasurer for her ANC. Last year’s DC auditor recent showed many financial reports were not subnitted on time. Maybe she learned financial management from her father who is ANC under investigation for alleged improper use of funds.

  12. Prince of Petworth

    Please try and keep the posts civil. Please do not make unsubstaniated accusations. If this continues I will be forced to remove some comments. If you have proof, or would like to cite a report that would be fine. But accusations without proof will not be allowed. Thank you.

  13. The comment was not intended to be uncivil, but facts about investigations of citywide ANC financial mismanagement are disturbing and have been featured in the WPost. The audit report has been shared with the community and discussed at the ANC meetings. The reports are available on the DC auditor website.
    Unfortunately this link is not working but that is where the info can be found online and probably at the library.

  14. Prince of Petworth

    Thank you. Please always include a website or a news article to substaniate claims. The Internet can be a wid place without many rules. I just want to make sure we don’t base our decisions on rumors. Reports and web sites are good. Thanks again.

  15. No problem. I understand.

  16. Prince…the article about her father was in the brookland newsletter sometime last year.I saw and read it to myself so the other person was not making it up…ask the people oon her fathers anc, the treasurer and former chair….ANC 4B’s audit report was givin out at their October meeting…it showed Muriel Bowser filed late 68, 62, 54, 40 something days late. go to

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