A.C.A.B. or are they?

by Prince Of Petworth January 6, 2007 at 3:19 pm 1 Comment

A very reliable source from the Metropolitan Police Department has enlightened me to the new initiatives from Police Chief Lanier. The below is from a memo being distributed to police officers. Let me know if you feel safer. I believe these are positive initiatives although I don’t know how revolutionary they are. First reader to spot “an official on foot” patrol gets a free beer from me. Happy hunting.

Primary goals:
1) Increase engagement of officers with the community
2) Increase visibility within community

1) “Adopt a block/park” – full court press effort for officers to become familiar with every resident on a block or area, to include distribution of officer contact information, working with them on issues with their block (to include issues like trash and abandoned car removal, street light repairs, etc.), and encouraging community invovlement in PSA meetings
2) Increase in focus mission units to prosecute warrants, and increase jump outs and other drug enforcement-related activities like buy-busts, etcl.
3) Officials on foot (Sgts and above)
4) Youth iniatives and a youth court
5) Increased use of reserve officres


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