Good Deal or Not? “Gleaming Totally Redone Rowhouse” Edition (Reader Request)


This home is located at 537 Kenyon Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Gleaming totally redone rowhouse w/ legal sep unit able to bring up to $1K/mo in rent! Granite/SS breakfast bar kit, sunroom, 2-car off-street parking, deep yard. Great, modern baths, good closets + light! Sep unit w/ own entrances, SS kit, gorg granite bath, good light. In middle of CH/Petworth commercial districts! GREAT PRICE – WOW!”

More info and photos found here.

This looks like a nice reno. I dig the kitchen and am intrigued by the backyard. What do you guys think of the house? I wonder if the legal separate unit can really bring in $1k per month? Does $475,000 sound reasonable for this 4 bed 2.5 bath house?

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  • Doesn’t seem like a bad price, though I don’t dig the location. Rentals like that can certainly get $1K/month, the only hindrance is going to be metro accessibility (not too bad, of course at 15 minutes, but that walk goes through some spotty blocks.)

    I like the back yard a lot and I enjoy that they kept the general design of the house intact.

  • Looks like a good deal to me – not often can you get yard + parking spaces in the city

  • am I the only one who hates these ugly freestanding garage doors?

  • I think it’s a little high for the location but not by a lot. This house at 425 Irving is I think a good comp, and it sold for $418k in May:

    It has a finished basement but doesn’t look like it’s a rental unit, and the yard probably isn’t as big, though.

    The basement rental looks decent, so I think it could rent for $1k (I’ve seen some fugly ones on Craigslist that I could never imagine anyone paying $1k for).

  • I think its a good deal, love the large backyard and patio. It looks like a fairly standard/basic renovation nothing really stands out but its nice. I don’t know about $1k a month for a basement apt that far from the metro but there are many bus options. I would say more around $850 – but what do I really know about these things…we have choosen not to rent out our basement apt.

  • “In middle of CH/Petworth commercial districts”? Really?

  • @anon1:28 Nope – I hate them too

  • How are they going to try to sell at Kenyon and Georgia and not mention Wale’s new video “Chillin” that gives your block a visual shout out?

  • Petworth Commercial District? I know the meaning of these 3 words, but this concept is foreign to me…
    Unless the buyer needs a wig and some jerk chicken.

  • Lady Gaga is Jimmy D in drag.

  • looks like a great deal to me.

  • May I give a shout out to the new owners of 425 Irving. I walk by your home almost every day, and it looks beautiful! The flowers, front porch, etc. I think these are solid houses and have no doubt you could rent an apartment to hospital staff.

  • Sounds like a good deal. It’s less than a block from The Wonderland and the new wine bar. It’s less than a 10 minute walk to the CH metro…maybe 15 if you venture north to Petworth. CH metro is 3 blocks away. It’s a straight shot walk down Kenyon St (cross 11th, 13th to 14th) which has some of the nicest, residential houses in CH. With the new Sherman Ave revitalization project starting next year, I saw this house is a deal.

  • Colheights dude, did you look at the map that PoP put below the photo of the house? If this house were between Sherman and 11th, you would be correct. However, the house is east of Georgia. The point that it is in close proximity to such desirable amenities as Wonderland and the CH metro still stands, but it is 3 to Wonderland and 6 to the Metro.

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