740 15th Street, NW Ed. Note: I can’t believe Members Only jackets are back in style.

Normally I don’t post the Friday after Thanksgiving but Union Trust news cannot wait. Plus I went down like 12 times to get these photos hahaha. Well the goofy bastards behind Solly’s and The Pug (and Brookland’s Finest) have done it again. Only classier this time. Peek inside and check it out for yourself on Monday:

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740 15th Street, NW

I am moderately excited about Union Trust‘s opening this fall.

The liquor license placard says:

“New tavern, specializing in higher end spirits, draft beer, and possibly light pre-prepared snacks. Recorded music. Total Occupancy Load is 79.”

OK I lied, I’m out of my mind excited about their opening this fall.


looking towards Joe’s Seafood

15th and H Street, NW


740 15th Street, NW

Some days the Gods are angry with you and some days the Gods smile upon you. I just got a big old smile walking around downtown. I noticed some construction going on next to Joe’s Seafood and spotted Tony Tomelden from The Pug (1234 H St, NE) walking out (who’ve I’ve known for ages so he couldn’t hide.) First of all holy crap – I knew he was looking to open something new but I had no idea it would be downtown.

Which if you think about it, is freaking brilliant. How sweet to have a – The Pug downtown. But of course it won’t be a replica of The Pug (no disrespect to 1234 H Street but this is uh, let’s say, quite a different space) and what’s even better is that he’s opening it up with his Brookland’s Finest co-owner John Solomon (also owner of Solly’s at 11th and U St, NW.) But unlike Brookland’s Finest (12th and Jackson Street, NE) there will be no food component here – this is gonna be a straight up bar. A proper bar. Oh and the name of that bar will be Union Trust, in homage to the Union Trust Building. If all goes well they hope to open this fall so STAY TUNED.

15th and H Street, NW


Photo by Lorie Shaull

The following was written by Tony T, “Tony Tomeldon is a DC native, dad of three all-virtual students, husband of a physical therapist and owner of The Pug, Partner at Union Trust and Brookland’s Finest.”


It goes without saying that this damn virus has impacted a huge number of businesses in DC. I’ve lost track of the bars and restaurants that have closed, and the friends who have watched their dreams disappear. We say it over and over again, but even in the best of times, our margins are incredibly narrow. The grants and aid packages have been very helpful, but as a friend says, we’re not running P & Ls we’re running L & Ls. Also, don’t forget congress gave us territorial aid, not state aid. We still need help.

Last year, DC legalized sports betting for wagering on games through apps and in-person. I’m too emotionally involved in my teams to bet. My big gamble was getting involved in the hospitality business. Someday, I’ll let you know if that bet paid off. I’m just a bartender, so it may be above my paygrade, but I’m hoping (almost begging) that some of the tax revenue raised on betting in DC can be used to help my industry. Read More


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