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Been in the area since 2004, in the District since 2006. Bought a rowhouse in Brookland 4 years ago. Even before I moved to the District, I spent most of my time here since my job and entertainment options were here. Been into punk rock/hardcore all my life. When I got the chance to move to a city with so many roots in that, I was excited. Since I've been here, I've spent years in the punk scenes going to shows, etc. Always been into skateboarding. On a summer afternoon, you might see an older dude skateboarding at Green Skate Lab or the park on RIA near Logan Circle with a 6 pack listening to Black Flag. That might be me. For the years that Fight Club was operating, I spent a lot of time there skating and hanging out. I also got the ad hoc skatepark under the bridge near Garfield park off the ground, I built all the initial ramps there (which were destroyed a while ago by bmxers). Also spent a lot of time skateboarding downtown in Freedom Plaza and the area all around it. I also love my motorcycles. If you hear someone riding around NE making a lot of noise, that might be me. I currently have two Ninja ZX10r's, a 2007 and a 2012.


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