Washington, DC

Women Uncorked @ Dupont Circle

cove Dupont
1666 Connecitcut Ave NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

Do you like to talk about sex, but are worried about your friends sayings its TMI? Are you interested in discussing the good parts, bad parts, and everything in between? Do you just think sex is a fun and fascinating subject? Then pour yourself a drink, pull up a chair, and join the circle. Our group welcomes all persons of all ages, orientations, experiences, and relationship styles who identify as female.

For this Women Uncorked, everyone will anonymously submit a sex-related question or confession, and then we’ll read one at a time to discuss or contemplate. This is a great time to get whatever’s been eating at you off your chest.

There will be wine, beverages (soda, coffee, tea, etc.) and a snack for the group. Feel free to bring your favorite beverage or snack to share if you’d like!

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