Spring Stand-up Showcase with Some of DC’s Best Comedians & Free Beer!

City-State Brewing Co.
705 Edgewood Street NE
Washington, D.C. 20017

Can you feel it? The world is crawling out of the cold dark hole of winter and emerging into another year, ready to drink a little too much and laugh way too hard. So The Midnight Gardeners League is more than happy to oblige by putting together a showcase of our favorite stand-up DC comedians. Come see some truly funny folks who’ve appeared at the DC Improv, The Kennedy Center, Comedy Central and elsewhere do what they do best: make your forget about how much a filthy, anti-social goblin you’ve been the last three months and have a good time for once.

And if that’s not enough to force you of out hibernation, each ticket comes with ONE FREE PINT of City-State Brewery’s delicious craft beer!

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