Washington, DC

Solas Nua Presents Misterman by Enda Walsh

Dance Loft on 14th
4618 14th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20011

From Tony Award winner Enda Walsh, the creator of the international hit musical ONCE (8 Tony Awards; 11 Nominations), comes a powerful play of one man’s descent into fanaticism. Absurdly funny and dangerously intense, Misterman offers a compassionate look at the stories we tell ourselves, even if we know them to be a lie.

Praise for Misterman:
“A gripping (as in by the throat) monologue of a play…seductive and terrifying” – Ben Brantley, The NY Times
“Misterman is at once a deadly concentration and ambitious expansion of all Enda Walsh’s plays to date.” – The Guardian

Directed by Solas Nua’s theatre artistic director, Rex Daugherty
Starring Thomas Keegan as the solo performer

About the Play:
Thomas Magill desperately wants to be good. But he isn’t.
Enda Walsh’s Misterman, written for a solo performer, is a study of one man’s descent into fanaticism in small-town Ireland. The play’s action is set in ‘an abandoned depot/dilapidated factory’ in Inishfree, where loner Thomas Magill lives out his days, interacting with the people of the town via tape-recordings he has made of their voices or by impersonating them himself. Magill is a fierce evangelist, disgusted by the ungodliness of the townspeople. He knows that jovial Dwain Flynn is a miserable drunk, that Timmy O’Leary enslaves his lovely mother, and that sweet Mrs Cleary is a blasphemous flirt. He is convinced that it’s up to him to save the sinful place, but his deranged mental state leads to dire consequences for him and the town.

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