Washington, DC

SNL Sketch Writing w/ Ali Farahnakian

DC Improv Comedy Club & Restaurant
1140 Connecticut Avenue NW
D.C. 20036

This two-day workshop is for anyone who has thought about writing sketch comedy for stage or television. If you’ve got the ideas and want to know how to build a sketch, this class is for you. This class will demystify what an SNL sketch looks like, what a “packet” for SNL or other sketch shows consists of and what “readers” are looking for in a packet.

The class will focus on a commercial parody for the first day (which you will bring to the first class) and a two-person, five-page page sketch for the second day. As one of the only former SNL writers teaching in the country, Ali Farahnakian will give you a clear, concise point of view of someone who has been in the belly of the beast. Ali has taught this class to more than 700 people.

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