Graphic Sex Project: An Interactive Data Installation

5960 Maple St., NW
Washington, D.C. 20012

The Graphic Sex Project is an interactive installation of data visualization. With brightly colored 1 cm cubes, people are invited to make graphs that represent a positive sexual experience for them. Everyone decides for themselves what the colors stand for. Take a picture in the furry red light box to add to the collection. Or just browse the collection of 100’s of graphs other people have contributed. It’s graphic, but not graphic!

1PM Saturday, July 1st – Open house! Come and see the graphs, make one of your own. Enjoy a glass of wine.

2PM Saturday – Discussion by the artist. “What’s with the little colored blocks?” Is this just a party game, or is it a relationship communication tool? Get a new perspective on your sex life, and open up revealing conversations with our sexual partners and friends. Q&A and time after the talk to do a graph and discuss the project in a group. $5 donation to Rhizome requested

3PM Sunday, July 2nd – Open house! Come and see the graphs, make one of your own. Enjoy a glass of wine.

4PM Sunday – Discussion by the artist and workshop with the blocks. Bring a partner to share graphs and participate in a guided discussion. The process of making one’s own graph can be very powerful. It encourages people to think about their sex lives in a new way, with a part of the brain not usually in play when people think about sex. People often feel after making a graph that they have new words and perspective to discuss sexual issues with partners. It creates a non-threatening, joyful tool for discussing a sometimes difficult topic. $5 donation to Rhizome requested

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