Washington, DC

Beer Battle Royal RD.1 Michigan V. Ohio

The Black Squirrel
2427 18th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

Beer Battle Royal RD. 1: Michigan V. Ohio. There are no two states with a more infamous rivalry than Michigan and Ohio. So, we decided to take it a step further and see who can reign supreme in the realm of brew mastery. Ohio will step in the ring with their big hitter, Great Lakes Brewing Company. With the Octoberfest, the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter and the classic Dortmunder gold lager, it is a showcase of the plethora of styles in their arsenal. On the other side, Michigan will counter with selections from Founders, New Holland, and Dark Horse Brewing. It will be an untraditional attack from Michigan, with the Founders DKML, Barrel Aged Malt Liquor, alongside Dark Horse’s Raspberry Ale leading the way. Whose beer will be deemed most superior? Which state will go home overall victorious? You get the chance to decide! The only thing for sure is how much fun we are going to have in the process!

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