Washington, DC

Artist Talks with Damon Arhos and Rex (Alexandra) Delafkaran

IA&A at Hillyer
9 Hillyer Court NW
Washington, D.C. 20008

Hillyer presents artist talks with August exhibiting artists Rex (Alexandra) Delafkaran and Damon Arhos. Each artist will give a short talk about their work and the process and stories behind it, followed by audience Q&A.
Delafkaran’s Tender Bits explores the relationship between cultural practices, desire and utility. Through abstract sculpture, flags, bodies, and text; Rex uses her experience as a queer, Iranian-American woman as a vehicle for expressing these ideas, as well as her research in the sociopolitical tension and history that now frames that experience. Arhos’ installation I Love to Hate You examines the disorienting state of affairs when one concurrently loves and hates something? To experience physical and emotional attraction and repulsion at the same time. How is it confusing to be affirmed and reviled? This disorienting state of affairs embodies the artworks: The Antidote, Yesterday’s 30, and Trapped that make up his installation.

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