Well-Paid Maids is For Real

If you’re an avid Popville reader, you’ve heard the Well-Paid Maids pitch many times. A living wage. A great benefits package. Advocacy on behalf of all workers. But how do you know it’s real?

These days, every company wants you to believe they’re saving the planet or changing the world, so we understand if you want to kick the tires on our claims. In fact, we know that most customers do – cleaners tell us new clients routinely have questions about their pay and benefits.

That is, of course, fine with us, because Well-Paid Maids is for real! And we’ve got the receipts.

How do you know we pay a living wage? We are independently certified by Living Wage for US, the only national accreditation body for living wages.

How do you know we offer a comprehensive benefits package? Pick up The Alternative by New Yorker writer Nick Romeo, and read our employees’ stories in Chapter 2!

How do you know we’re fighting for all workers in Congress, DC, Annapolis, and Richmond? Head over to our Press page and check out all the coverage!

We really are Well-Paid Maids. And it really does make a difference. Not just in our employees’ lives, but in your home.

Still skeptical? Book a cleaning today and see the difference a living wage makes.

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