“Dear PoPville,

Hoping the hive mind can help figure out who this bad parker from the House of Reps might be, they’ve been parked partway in a crosswalk for 12+ hours and causing a bad situation for pedestrians. Blue Porsche with a 117th Congress plate (H-394), Tennessee rear plate. Navy Yard-on L st between 1st and Half. ” Read More


Photo by ToulliOh

Readers reported around 10:40pm: “Corner of 13th and Mass, csr drove into a building. Insane.”

“The building shook when the car flew right into the building on 13th and Massachusetts NW”

“watched a car drive straight into the Zen on 13th and Mass Ave NW. Tons of DC EMS on the scene”

DC Fire and EMS reported: Read More


Photo by Nick Carton

Nick sends at 12:54pm “9/P NW – yikes.” Yikes indeed.

From DC Fire and EMS:

“Crash with vehicle on its side 9th & P Sts NW. 3 vehicles involved. No entrapment. #DCsBravest evaluating 2 patients.”

“#DCsBravest will be transporting 1 patient with serious non life threatening injuries and another with minor injuries.” Read More


Photo by sandy cheeks

Sandy writes at 6am “in case you were wondering why the 7th & K lights are out”

Adam Follows up at 8:19am: “Just avoid Mt Vernon Square this morning. As I took a picture of the car on top of the traffic box, this SUV sideswiped this other car. A mess.” Read More


Thanks to R for sending from: “Hayes NE, right around Kenilworth Gardens. They were all in a neat row, so I have to assume they were placed there.”

Update: “Statement from Robert Gardner, Senior Government Relations Director at Lime:

“Please rest assured our operations team is working on resolving this issue immediately. Parking in bike lanes is completely prohibited under our user agreement and we will work to find out what went wrong here. We take numerous steps to prevent improper parking and promote safe riding and we will continue to improve our systems here in DC to prevent unfortunate instances like this one in the future.”

DC Plate

Martin writes: “Connecticut & R. Legitimately blocking a lane with zero you-know-whats to give.”


North Capitol and Michigan Ave, NW

Kate sent around 8pm from North Cap and Michigan Ave, NW last night.

Jason wrote around 7:30: “Should see the car accident at Michigan Ave and North Capitol. Some rammed the car so hard the car is up in the air about 6-7′”


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