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Thanks to Adam for sending the shot above: “Mind blown, the new Jaguar I-PACE parked in front of Call Your Mother at 8:00am on Sunday! I had not previously heard of it or seen it, and it looked like a spaceship as I crossed the street (stopping to gawk caused me to be second in line for bagels instead of first). An electric car partially parked in the crosswalk… concerned about the environment, but less so the rule of law.”

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Bryan reports:

“I was walking past the little funeral home at 6th and Florida last night and noticed the beautiful stairs had been damaged pretty badly. I can’t figure out how exactly because there are light posts in the way, but it appears that a car wrecked into the stairs and did quite a number on them. There was still a piece of the headlight sitting on the step and the tree across the sidewalk had an big gash in it but I cannot figure out how a car got in there from the street without hitting the light post in the way.

[Update photos of the crash added!] Read More


Photo via DC Fire & EMS

DC Fire & EMS reported Tuesday February 4th:

“Update crash with entrapment 15th St & Constitution Ave NW. 1 extricated. total 3 patients, 1 serious non life threatening injuries and 2 minor injuries. 4 vehicles involved.”

There is WAY more to the story. An eyewitness wrote in what he saw:

“I was walking down constitution between 14th and 15th on Tuesday at 355pm and this happened: Read More


“Porter Street, NW. Cars hit were in direction of rock creek/beach drive!”

A reader reports:

“Monday night at 1am a metro bus collided into 11 parked cars on Porter Street. I woke up at 1am to a huge crash and looked outside my window from my apartment building on Quebec Street, but didn’t see anything but the top of the metro bus. I found out this morning from my apartment building that the bus collided into the cars. I don’t know how much damage happened but I haven’t been able to find any information besides what my apartment building had sent the residents. I don’t know if anyone was hurt on the bus but sounds like so far just cars were damaged.”



Jay sends the above from SW: “Almost got run over by a biker when clearly there was no reason to be on a sidewalk.”

And Frank sends the shot below from Georgetown: “A contender for the Jack Evans Park Anywhere Award.” Read More


Photo by VDJance

VDJance writes around 7:15pm:

“SUV (probably going wrong direction onto Gallatin from North Cap), hit a parked car and flipped on its side…”

DCFD reported: “Shortly after 7 PM, #DCsBravest responded to a 2 vehicle crash at North Capitol & Gallatin Sts. NW with 1 vehicle on its side. We stabilized the vehicle & extricated 1 trapped victim, who was transported to an area trauma center with serious, non-life threatening injuries.”

More photos: Read More


via google maps

From MPD:

“Detectives with the Metropolitan Police Department’s Major Crash Investigations Unit and the United States Park Police Criminal Investigations Division are investigating a traffic fatality involving a single vehicle and a pedestrian that occurred on Wednesday, January 1, 2020, at the intersection of Minnesota Avenue and L’Enfant Square, Southeast.

At approximately 4:17 am, a silver colored SUV was traveling southwest on Minnesota Avenue, Southeast. The vehicle failed to negotiate a turn and left the roadway. The vehicle struck a pedestrian who was on a sidewalk inside of a park area. The vehicle’s occupants fled the scene and the striking vehicle remained on the scene. Read More


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