Washington, DC

Photo by DC Fire and EMS

Nick asks around 8:12am: “any idea what’s going on at the post office north of Howard on Georgia? Street is closed and there were about a dozen police/ambulance/fire trucks blocking the northbound side if the road”

DC Fire and EMS reported: “Crash with vehicle striking building 3300 block Georgia Ave. NW. No entrapment. #DCsBravest treated 1 vehicle occupant and found no structural compromise.” Read More


Julie asks:

“anyone know why north cap is blocked going north from Florida? It’s messing up traffic.”

DC Fire & EMS reported at 10:30am: “Crash with vehicle overturned Michigan Ave & N. Capitol St. #DCsBravest on scene with 2 vehicles involved. No entrapment. Any injuries appear minor.”


Thanks to Debbie for sending. DCFD reported: “Crash with vehicle overturned Reno Rd and Appleton St NW. 1 vehicle on its side. Occupants self evacuated. Assessing for any injuries.”

Also, some people felt that earthquake this morning: Read More


“Dear PoPville,

While I know it isn’t rare to complain about local drivers and their lack of basic knowledge of the task at hand, I’ve seen a bunch of more brazen moves that I was wondering others had noticed.

Today, a pickup truck decided the guy in front of him was going too slow, and went across a double yellow line to zoom around him on Irving (and almost hit me in the process). Read More


In addition to driving poorly

Thanks to David for sending last night: “I guess if you are an armored vehicle you can pretty much park wherever the heck you want. On Massachusetts Avenue eastbound at 10th NW during rush hour today around 5:15 pm in the turning lane. I guess the wedge under the wheel is there so if someone hits it it does not skid forward too far? Oh, that is right it weighs five tons…”


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