Washington, DC

Thanks to Janet for sending at 7pm: “Sunday crash on North Capitol. At Bryant ST. Two people injured. Small explosion and fire. Black SUV T-boned the grey Nissan with two passengers. Onlookers had fire extinguishers to put out the burning car. They also pulled the people out of the car before emergency personnel arrived.

According to a neighbor the perpetrator ran off and was shedding his clothes and shoes but disappeared running down Bryant St towards First Street NW.”

Another reader shares: “I’m on Bryant and heard from a neighbor that another very heroic neighbor of ours used his garden hose to put out the fire and preformed CPR on one of the passengers before the fire/ambulance got here.”

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Readers report starting around 1:20/1:25pm: “gunshots in Shaw. Maybe 12 or so. We’re at 7th and T. Can’t tell exactly where it was.”

“maybe 10 shots fired around 7th & RI a few min ago.”

“just heard some serious gunshots (or what sounded like them) near the Shaw Metro stop – 7th & S Sts NW. Anyone know what’s going on?”

Update from MPD:

“The Third District is currently investigating a shooting in the 1700 block of 8th Street NW. An adult male has been located at an area hospital with a non life threatening injury.

Motorists and pedestrians can expect road closures in the area as we investigate.

Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.”

14th and Irving St, NW photo by Adam Nathaniel Peck

Earlier around 12:45pm: “I have no idea how this happened, honestly I tune out all noise these days and didn’t notice until after cops were already on the scene. Anyone else know what led up to this?”

One reader reported: “It was crazy! He accelerated and didn’t even swerve. Almost like he mixed up the gas and the brake or something. No clue what could have caused it though cause nothing was in the road on anything”


Thanks to DaphinDC for sending last night:

“NJ Ave & H Street NW; 2nd time in 3 days there’s been one of these collisions. What’s up w/ this intersection? Send note of concern where?”

Ed. Note: I advised contacting the D.C. Department of Transportation but a local ANC could probably help too.


A reader reports: “Dodge Chargers(?) Part II. They came back yesterday [Sunday] around 7 pm. 4th and I street NW intersection. 2 red cars (one with white stripes down the top of the car and looked like NY plates), 1 gray, 1 black.

Not sure if that’s why this FBI Car patrolled the block after they spun through.”


11th and Florida Ave, NE

A reader reports Sunday:

“I have lived in NE for 4 years and this is an annual occurrence. The walkway is named after a woman whom was killed a few years ago. I would like to help closing this lane from traffic coming off Florida.”

Ed. Note: I believe the cars are flying off Florida Ave onto 11th. Watch the full video here.


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