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An eagle eyed reader spots the above zoning notice for an Einstein bagels to come to the long vacant Vespa showroom at 2233 Wisconsin Ave, NW in Glover Park. There used to be an Einstein bagels at 1815 Wisconsin Ave, NW which closed in July 2011. The long awaited Einstein bagels in Union Station recently opened in March 2013.

Photo of former Vespa space at 2233 Wisconsin Ave, NW via google street view.

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1836 18th Street, NW

Zabb Modern Asian opened up in the summer of 2011 in the former Straits of Malaya space at 1836 18th Street, NW (across the street from Lauriol Plaza.) I just noticed the new Mum Mum sign:


A yelp reviewer says:

“Mum Mum is still an Asian joint with great happy hour deals on Singha and Sake bombs, as well as deals on some sushi and nigiri selections. The remodeled bar inside is now much longer, serving far more people than before and the service is great.”


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13th and F Street, NW

A note posted on the door of M&S Grill at 600 13th Street, NW says the restaurant has been closed for a remodel. However on Friday Washington Business Journal noted that the DC M&S Grill location has been removed from the McCormick and Schmicks website. More info on plans for the space when they become available.  Were there any fans of M&S Grill?


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3463 14th Street, NW

A new South American fusion restaurant called Tinto is coming to 3463 14th Street, NW in Columbia Heights. A liquor license posted out front says:

“New Restaurant to serve South American Fusion with occasional Live Music.
Summer Garden: 35 seats
Sidewalk café: 14 seats
Seating Capacity: 51. Total occupancy load: 99.”

It will be located right above Taqueria Distrito Federal. Updates as they get closer to opening.


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1736 Connecticut Ave, NW

Back in April we learned Le Mirch would be opening up in the former Dalchinni Indian Restaurant space at 1736 Connecticut Ave, NW next to Bistro Du Coin.

A readers sends this interesting update:

I don’t know what’s happened since then but it looks like a disaster! The official sign now says “Indie Cusine” — whatever that means and there’s a homemade sign that reads “Come in for FREE champagne.”

Sadly that’s not the only sign fail:


But I guess we shouldn’t argue with free champagne…

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725 T Street, NW

Finally some good news for the opening of All Souls coming to 8th and T St, NW. Last we heard there was a delay due to structural engineer plans but that has all been taken care of and the inside has been completely gutted. Earlier this week I spoke with owner David Batista who tells me that they are now on track for a September opening!

The space will feature a large curved bar that was salvaged from Jaleo’s renovation. The curved bar inside All Souls will seat 15 and tables will seat another 25 or so. The space def. has some history to it. Check out an old whiskey bottle workers found in the ceiling:


And in a wild coincidence the address on the label lists 702 E Street, NW which is roughly the address of Jaleo.  Awesome.

It’s been a long journey but September is right around the corner. Stay tuned.

8th and T St, NW

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919 U Street, NW

Tacos out, German beer garden in! Back in June 2011 we first learned that a spot called El Ray (not to be confused with the Elroy) would be coming to the vacant lot next to Dodge City on U Street. Originally we heard there would be a taco stand but I spoke with one of the owners (same owners as Marvin, Gibson, Chez Billy, Satellite Room, Hanoi House) who tells me plans are for a German beer garden that will be built out of shipping containers. Tacos are obviously out and they now plan on serving German sausages etc. Food will be served “dim sum style” and they plan on having a take out window on U Street. No word on the name yet but if all goes well they hope to open in Fall 2013. Stay tuned.


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1222 1st Street, NE

Thanks to a reader who sends this link from Rasmus Auctioneers:

1222 1st St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Brief Description:

Large DC night club has been paired with an exclusive C3 nude dancing license providing an opportunity for the only large capacity club of its type in the Nations Capital and near metro. Contact Chris Rasmus for complete details. Offer price 4.5 M

1222 1st St NE is currently home to the Ibiza Night Club.


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Walter Pierce Park

From MPD:

Walter Pierce Park [2630 Adams Mill Rd, NW]

On Thursday, May 23, 2013 around 11:40am a call came in about a couple of snakes that fell out of the trees. When the snakes fell they scared the children, and everyone fled. This was in the playground area. I responded but found no snakes. I caught one small enough to fit inside an empty water bottle I had. It was probably a black rat snake. They are indigenous to trees and the warm weather is drawing them out.

But fear not the National Zoo says:

Common rat snakes tend to be shy and, if possible, will avoid being confronted. If these snakes are seen and confronted by danger, they tend to freeze and remain motionless. Some adults attempt to protect themselves. They coil their body and vibrate their tails in dead leaves to simulate a rattle. If the snakes continue to be provoked, they will strike.

Though the National Wildlife Federation cautions:

“Although black rat snakes do not usually attack when threatened, there have been extreme cases of black rat snakes charging at predators. Black rat snakes also produce a strong foul odor when scared to deter predators and people.”


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