Thanks to C. for sending word about federal workers and vaccines. The Washington Post reported:

“President Biden will announce Thursday that all federal employees will be required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or face repeated testing mandates, a White House official said, a dramatic escalation of the administration’s effort to combat the spread of the delta variant.”

and in other vaccine news ESPN reported:

“Washington Football Team coach Ron Rivera said he’s “beyond frustrated” with his players’ lower vaccination rate and worries about the potential impact it will have on their team.

Rivera said more than 50% of Washington’s players have been vaccinated against COVID-19 as they reported to training camp Tuesday.”


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The most popular replacement names I’ve seen are Redtails, Red Wolves, Red Hawks, Red Pandas, Monuments and Warriors. Mark me for team Redtails.

Statement From The Washington Football Team:

“On July 3rd, we announced the commencement of a thorough review of the team’s name. That review has begun in earnest. As part of this process, we want to keep our sponsors, fans and community apprised of our thinking as we go forward.

Today, we are announcing we will be retiring the Redskins name and logo upon completion of this review. Read More


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ADWeek broke the news:

“On Friday, three separate letters signed by 87 investment firms and shareholders worth a collective $620 billion asked Nike, FedEx and PepsiCo to terminate their business relationships with the NFL’s Washington Redskins unless the team agrees to change its controversial name.”

The Washington Post reports:

“FedEx on Thursday became the first major corporate backer of the Washington Redskins to call on the team to change its name, the most significant development yet amid mounting financial and political pressure on team owner Daniel Snyder in the long-running controversy.

Late Thursday evening, without making an immediate public statement, Nike appeared to remove all Redskins apparel for sale from its website.”


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From Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton’s office:

“Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) today called on the owner of the National Football League’s (NFL) Washington team, Daniel Snyder, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to change the team’s racist name, an issue she has long pressed.

“I again call on Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington football team and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to recognize this historic moment and change the offensive, racist name of the team,” Norton said. “The name has cost Snyder far more than it could possibly be worth. The racist name stands in the way of the team playing in the nation’s capital at the RFK Stadium site, Snyder’s preferred venue. My bill (H.R. 1883) would allow the District of Columbia to buy the RFK Stadium site, which is federally owned. However, the Congress has been clear it will not approve the bill to sell this site to the District as long as there is a chance the Washington football team, with its current name, would use the site. Read More


Thanks to spaxson for again sharing this great google doc of today’s Juneteenth events with us.

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Also happening this morning – thanks to Denise for sharing with us around 8am: “George Preston Marshall statute at RFK is being taken down this morning. Truck just arrived to haul it away.” Read More


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From the Burgundy and Gold Owner Dan Snyder:

“As this season concludes, Bruce Allen has been relieved of his duties as President of the Washington Redskins and is no longer with the organization. Like our passionate fan base, I recognize we have not lived up to the high standards set by great Redskins teams, coaches and players who have come before us. As we reevaluate our team leadership, culture and process for winning football games, I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead to renew our singular focus and purpose of bringing championship football back to Washington D.C.”


I’ve seen other comments saying D.C. is only a Redskins town. If I may – NO. Absolutely not. Unless maybe you are one of the lucky old timers who used to drink beers with Riggo at the Malt Shop – but in 2019 – no, no D.C. is not just a Burgundy and Gold town anymore. The closest you could maybe argue would be when RG3 gave us an ounce of hope before injury(ies). While many still support the team, it’s quite possible the owner of the football team may have also contributed a tad to the demise of the football fervor. Anyway, bottom line – AROD doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Oh yeah, D.C. kinda supports our mildly successful hockey team I think. Swing through Chinatown next time there’s a home game. As for the Nats, it is early my friends, it is early. Go NATS – I’ll see you at the park on Wednesday.

I sense: Read More


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“Dear PoPville,

I’m sure that you have read about the deal that Dan Snyder/the NFL is trying to jam through Congress to set up a new Redskins stadium at the RFK location. Charles Allen, Ward 6 Councilman, has started a petition for those who oppose such a move and any DC taxpayer money being used to fund such a stadium. Any chance you would post a link to the petition for those who might also be interested? Just FYI, I’m not affiliated in any way with his office — just a very concerned citizen who might just give up all hope on this city if Mayor Bowser throws away millions of my tax dollars to fund a stadium for possibly the worst franchise in all of American sports.

The text of the petition is below. Read More


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From the New York Times:

“In a decision likely to bolster the Washington Redskins’ efforts to protect their trademarks, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the government may not refuse to register potentially offensive names. A law denying protection to disparaging trademarks, the court said, violated the First Amendment.

The decision was unanimous, but the justices were divided on the reasoning.”


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