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Ed. Note: The following was put together by PoPville All Star – Bort. We/he will update every day. Thanks for doing this Bort!

“Fellow isolates!
With a virtual firehose of information about what is up, down, and sideways in the DMV under the reign of our new overlord and superbug Corona, keeping track of various webpages, tabs, and threads was beginning to generate its own ball of stress. This list is an attempt to pull together *some* of these threads in a more easily scannable way.
This is very much a rough draft and a work in progress. It is clearly not exhaustive, may (read: does) reflect the bias of the author, and is only as up-to-date as the sources it refers to.

Activities and social events are particularly fluid and are happily popping up all over the shop, so please don’t be too irate if your pet resource isn’t on here (yet). I have tried (to some extent) to limit the number of single-business links out of fairness and sheer practicality (I only have ten fingers, not all of them in factory condition. Brain is even further out from warranty).
Many online and global services and business are offering free memberships, courses, access to materials etc. that are outside of the scope of this list at this stage (and probably any stage), but some have snuck through and some of the links are aggregations of a subset of these. A flat list of links is not the most elegant presentation of this material, but all that I am able to throw together at this stage. Please forgive him, he knows not what he does.
I will try to update this daily, or at least keep it weeded and watered.

Any additions, corrections, suggestions, or devotion are welcome in the comments.



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