2001 S Street, NW

Thanks to all who passed on from Glen’s:

“I wanted to reach out to share some news that impacts our relationship. Do not fret, my friends, you’re not going to lose your neighborhood grocery store (the team made it through the pandemic safe and sound), things are just about to change a bit around here — for the better, ultimately. I’ll be leaving the company (in excellent hands) this summer.

As you know, I opened Glen’s Garden Market on Earth Day of 2013, because I’d given up on Congress and knew we could make more climate progress together than they would in the meantime. And over the course of nearly a decade, we’ve made a whole lot of progress — one bite at a time. We put the environment first in our decisions, from the products we supported together to our careful waste streaming practices and our joint efforts to eliminate food waste. We launched almost 100 local, sustainable food companies of which over 60 were founded by women and more than 20 are owned by people of color. Our space often felt more like an activated community center than a grocery store. In short, we did what we set out to do.

As I began reflecting on what it meant to step into the last year of our first decade (which we did on Earth Day), three realizations set in: (1) we still have a lot of work left to do, (2) I needed to do everything in my power to hold my team together, and (3) I needed to position the store to thrive indefinitely — for our producers and for you, our community. However, our lease expires next summer, and for a series of reasons, I wasn’t going to be able to renew it.

And so, last month, I sold Glen’s to a long-time independent, specialty grocer with one other store in the area, who sees the world the way I do. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

Glenn’s Market on 20th Street was recently the target of a “visit” (a.k.a. undercover set up, a.k.a. sting) by ABRA investigators. A 17-year-old bought an alcoholic beverage to-go (they sell beer, wine, cider, etc. — lots of it locally sourced) and the cashier forgot to ask for his license/birthday.

The person in line right behind the 17-year-old was the ABRA enforcer. Glenn’s was fined $4,000 (!!!!) and forced to close their to-go sections until Sunday. You can still buy a beverage if you’re eating in, but nothing to-go.

Ed. Note: Holiday Hours are
12/26 – 12/28: 12pm – 8pm
12/29 – 12/30: 9am – 9pm
New Year’s Eve: 8am – 9pm
New Year’s Day: 12pm – 8pm

This is a REAL hit for a small merchant.

Yes, the cashier made a mistake and it’s an important regulation to honor for lots of reasons. As the sign says, they did the crime and they’re doing their time.

But the grocery store business is really tough and they make it on VERY small margins. Read More


1924 8th Street, NW

Oooh here’s some tasty scuttlebutt:

Union Kitchen grocery will be taking over the closed Glen’s Garden Market as early as late summer/Fall.”

Ed. Note: I give this scuttlebutt an 85% accuracy rating. STAY TUNED.

Union Kitchen Grocery on a tear!! Their original Capitol Hill location is located at 538 3rd Street, NE. Their second location is located at the Convention Center in Shaw and their are plans for another location for Franklin Square.


1924 8th Street, NW

Ed. Note: Glen’s Garden Market’s last day in Shaw is Monday with a farewell party (and $2 drafts) starting at 5pm.

Thanks to all who passed on Glen’s latest comments on their upcoming closure in Shaw:

“I’m writing to clear up some prevalent misconceptions about our difficult decision to close Glen’s Shaw.

We’re not blaming the community – our Neighbors have been our tireless champions, remaining patient when we stumbled, treating Glen’s like a second home and coming together here to talk, drink, shop and hang out. We’re also not blaming our landlords – our rent structure was favorable, and JBG has been a terrific and compassionate partner to us since day one.

It may not be obvious, but grocery is a brutally thin-margin business. If everything goes right (a near impossibility), we stand to make one third of a penny for every dollar we do in sales. In our case, we play the already difficult game of keeping an independent grocery store in business on the level “Extra Hard”. We pay our folks a living wage. We provide generous benefits, which include health care, profit share and a full and nourishing meal every single day. We pay our vendors fair prices for their small-batch products. We pay more for our energy because it is critically important to us to be 100 percent renewably powered. We even pay more for things like waste haul-away because we choose to compost, and invite the community to compost with us.

The simple fact is, no matter how hard we tried – and to clear that up as well, we’re not closing because we didn’t try hard enough – we just couldn’t get enough people through our doors on a daily basis to make the math work. Read More


1924 8th Street, NW

From an email:

“We plan to close the doors to Glen’s Shaw with a big farewell party from 5pm to 9pm on Monday, April 9. We’ll be giving away gift cards, Growler Club memberships, CSAs, shirts and other Glen’s goodies, and we’ll be offering $2 drafts to kill off our kegs. We want to take one last opportunity to thank the Shaw community for welcoming us, supporting us, and being our tireless champions. We also want to make sure everyone feels welcome at Glen’s Dupont (2001 S Street, NW), so much of our Dupont crew will be there to introduce themselves and start new friendships.”


1924 8th Street, NW

The Shay giveth and The Shay taketh away, oy vey.

Glen’s Shaw location opened back in December 2015. Thanks to all who passed on the email from Glen’s:

“Five years ago next month, we opened Glen’s Garden Market with a specific mission: to serve Good Food from Close By and grow relationships with folks who share our commitment to sustainability. In that time, we have amplified the impact of local farmers, ranchers and producers – giving 79 entrepreneurs their very first chance to sell their products on our shelves. We’ve created a gathering spot for those who live and work near the store, and we’ve made many friends in the process.

But we’re capable of so much more. Read More


I know this isn’t beer I just love the photo

Ed. Note: I recognize I’ve been giving Glen’s alotta love lately. That’s because I love them. And the love is warranted. Nothing more nothing less.

While I don’t generally advocate morning drinking, I’m gonna make an exception today for this! The fine folks at Glen’s are offering “All day Wednesday, take a load off at our bars with $2 Port City Brew Optimal Wit” And since Optimal Wit is both delicious and has a relatively low abv of 4.9% – I say go for it! See you there. (2001 S Street, NW in Dupont and 1924 8th Street, NW in Shaw.)


This looks awesome. Thanks to Bill for sending. Does the Glen’s Garden Market Shaw location have one too?

Where else can we find a fire pit for some outdoor autumn/winter drinking?

2001 S Street, NW

Update from Glen’s, it’s the:

“Glen’s Cocoa Lodge

​DC loves a good patio and we’ve found a way to make sure ours don’t go unused this winter! Glen’s Cocoa Lodge are winter getaways in Dupont Circle and Shaw. We invite our Neighbors to cozy up by the fire with hot chocolate, $4 local craft beers and wines by the glass, and delicious food from our delis. The Cocoa Lodges are first come, first serve seating, but we are offering reservations for private groups.”

1924 8th Street, NW courtesy Glen’s


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