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by Prince Of Petworth October 16, 2018 at 10:15 am 0

5111 Georgia Avenue, NW

TL writes: “Sad to see them go, but if they expanded their concept into a full Italian deli closer to the Petworth Metro or on upper 14th Street, they’d crush it.”

From Pepperoni Chic:

“Hello Friends and Supporters of Pepperoni Chic

Remember we are a “Pop-up” and now we are Popping-out – Soon.

Pepperoni Chic will leave the location at 5111 Georgia Avenue, NW on Saturday, October 27 – our last night of business.

We have met so many wonderful people in the past few months and will miss all of you. (more…)

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Finally some info and what’s coming to the former Straw, Stick and Brick space.

Patrick reports:

“5111 Georgia has a new sign up in the window, was driving by it this morning, looked like it said “Coming Soon, Pepperoni Chic,” I have seen a couple folks in there recently with what looked like a DCRA inspector too, and looks like they are pushing forward on it.”

I stopped by for some photos yesterday and this seems to have some potential:

“Iconic Pepperoni Roll of WV and Calabrese Pastas of Italy”


5111 Georgia Avenue, NW

by Prince Of Petworth February 3, 2012 at 10:30 am 1,179 40 Comments

Back in Oct. 2011 I first spotted a sign that a new Charcuterie & Salumi called Three Little Pigs was coming to 5111 Georgia Ave, NW next to the Petworth Fire Station. At the time I said, ‘Holy lord – this could be very very awesome.’ After peeking in the shop and talking with owners Jason and Carolina, allow me to amend my take – holy lord this is gonna be absolutely freaking amazing. I honestly and truly believe this may be the best thing, forget about Petworth, this may be the best thing to hit DC in years. It’s something everyone’s been craving – local, independent, and (from the sound of it) delicious.

So at the outset let me say they have an unbelievably good Website. You will find absolutely everything you can possibly want to know there, including some menu options, lots of background info on the store and owners Jason and Carolina, you can learn about the the farms where the food comes from and lots more.

What you won’t be able to learn from the website is the fact that Jason and Carolina are two of the most passionate, knowledgeable and kind proprietors you will ever meet. And you’re gonna be able to find that out for yourself if you’d like – this Sat. they are having a pre-preview open house at the shop (5111 Georgia Ave, NW) where you can learn all about their plans and see an artist put up a mural:

So when will they open for real? If all goes well they will be open in about a month. Like I said, the Website explains the vision and plans much better than I can but some things that I’ll emphasize – these people are not amateurs. The sophistication of the whole set up is truly impressive. Check out the 600 pound smoker:

It is equally as sophisticated as NORAD:

Other things we can look forward to in the future – classes, family style dinners, pickled treats including kimchi, homemade sodas, homemade mustards, homemade dried pastas, and obviously most importantly hand sliced everything.

Obviously we’re gonna have to taste stuff but if it’s as good as it sounds, well, I think it is safe to say this place will contribute significantly to the beautiful life. Stop by Sat. to say hi and see the potential for yourself.

by Prince Of Petworth October 3, 2011 at 4:33 am 57 Comments

Holy lord – this could be very very awesome. Their Web site simply says:

“Future home of something quite cool”

But a little digging around reveals some seriously sweet info:

“The Charcuterie industry is one that is highly underrepresented. Even the term “charcuterie” is a name foreign to most people in this country. However, there are many familiar foods that fall into the category of charcuterie that many people crave, love, and have grown up with. If you like bacon, sausage, smoked salmon, or even holiday ham, you are a fan of charcuterie.

The term Salumi is a bit more familiar. Even if you haven’t heard the word until now, you have probably already realized that it sounds a lot like ‘salami’. Made famous by the Italians, the art of Salumi represents years of tradition and recipes passed down from generation to generation among family members. What makes salumi unique, is the curing process followed by months, and in some cases, even years of dry aging. It is this lengthy process that gives products like prosciutto, salami, and Spanish chorizo their incredibly complex flavor and aroma.

People are looking for bacon that exceeds the standards set by commercial producers, hotdogs that do not contain cow lips and pig snouts, or BBQ ribs that are not made from diseased pigs raised in inhumane conditions.

The people of Washington D.C. deserve high quality at a fair price, and we are going to give it to them. Everything comes from local farms and is made in house.”

Holy freaking awesome!!!

Three Little Pigs will be located at 5111 Georgia Ave, NW (next to the Petworth Fire Station.)

They hope to be “up and running by November.”


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