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by Prince Of Petworth February 5, 2019 at 1:45 pm 0

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“Dear PoPville,

Update to “Folks parking there would have had every reason to believe that any “snow emergency” was long since over.”

I contested my $250 ticket by saying sorry. I finally got a letter back from DC this week that basically stated they still found me guilty on all counts, but they would be decreasing my fee down to $100. I’ll take it! A few minutes of effort saved me $150, totally seems worth it!”

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“Dear PoPville,

I booked my first Thumbtack handyman session for this weekend and am feeling nervous about having a stranger in my home. I won’t be alone and the handyman has great reviews, so I’m probably overthinking it. Has anyone used Thumbtack before? Anything I should know in advance?”

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Ed. Note: If others are interested in submitting their budget diary please send via email to [email protected] thanks.

“Dear PoPville,

Last Friday I shared an overview of my expenses for 2018 and was shocked by the amount of responses. I’m grateful for those of you that have provided insight and tips in reducing costs for 2019, especially for our utilities. I know the total is outrageous, so I’ll provide a bit of background and a better breakdown.

The $900/month is our high average. It includes:
Electric $300 we have a whole-house dehumidifier that runs continuously.
Gas $100
Water/trash/sewer $50 paid to the county.
Verizon Fios phone, cable & internet including HBO & sport networks $170
ADT $55 we’re locked into a contract until February.
Cell Phones $180 includes “leasing” our phones for 18 mos. Contract ends in March.

The home is a 2100 sq ft 3bd/2b with garage in Arlington and was purchased in 2015. (more…)

by Prince Of Petworth November 26, 2018 at 1:45 pm 0

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“Dear PoPville,

No one ever gets bored of hashing out the endless cyclists vs. drivers vs. pedestrians debate, but I wanted to quibble–nay, scream about a feature of cycling etiquette that I don’t see discussed much. I’ve been riding my bike regularly in the city for 5+ years now, whether it’s getting to work, running errands on weekends, shopping and bars, etc. I’m accustomed to using both bike lanes and street lanes in various parts of the city.

I’m female. Without fail, at least once per trip, I’ll be waiting at a red stoplight, when another (usually male) cyclist comes in behind me, sidles around me so they’re in front, then stops directly ahead of me, waiting for the light to change. It’s as if they’re assuming they will be fastest once the light turns, and that assumption grants the right to whiz past everyone else who’s waiting and position themselves at the front.

What kills me is that, at least when it comes to me, they’re usually wrong. (more…)

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From a press release:

“On Thanksgiving Day, Arthur Capper residents and their families will gather for a traditional dinner hosted by Edgewood Management, the management company for the Arthur Capper Senior Building, and the building’s owners, Urban Atlantic and Forest City, as well as the Community Services Foundation, Hoffman-Madison Waterfront, Kaliwa, PN Hoffman, and The Anthem.

The Arthur Capper Thanksgiving Day event will be held at The Anthem at The Wharf, with the meal prepared by Cathal Armstrong, chef and owner of Kaliwa.

The event will run from 1:00PM-3:30PM on Thursday, November 22nd (Thanksgiving Day).”

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A liquor license application for a restaurant to be named says:

“New Class “C” Restaurant offering fast-casual Greek food with a Sidewalk Café endorsement with 90 seats. Total Occupancy Load of 708 with seating for 330 patrons. Licensee is requesting an Entertainment Endorsement to include Live Entertainment and Dancing indoors only.”

Updates when more is known.

via google maps

by Prince Of Petworth September 18, 2018 at 2:10 pm 0

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Ed. Note: To be clear, OP is kidding around with this note, I mean it happened but obviously she is kidding around. I preface this because history has taught me that some will be confused.

“Dear PoPville,

I may have fallen for someone this weekend… I can’t stop thinking about this guy I encountered in Rock Creek Park. (Fair warning: this might be long, but why should love have a character limit?)

It was a beautiful Sunday in the park, and people were out picnicking, biking, hiking, running, and walking. As I ran past Peirce Mill, a cyclist caught my eye – swarthy, lean, coral shorts. Fortunately the opportunity to initiate contact presented itself: he had sped by the sign instructing cyclists to walk their bikes. (more…)


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