From Council Chair Phil Mendelson:

“This morning, all 12 members of the DC Council, in their personal capacity as elected officials, have joined together to issue the following statement on former Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans’s decision to run again for DC Council:

All of us agreed to expel Jack Evans from the DC Council after an exhaustive investigation found numerous violations of our Code of Conduct. Mr. Evans resigned before we could formally vote to expel him last week. His decision to run for Ward 2 Councilmember again, which we do not and cannot support, shows a willful and arrogant disregard for ethics and is not in the best interests of the District. It is time to rebuild the public’s trust in the Council, which is why it is time to move on and focus on the issues that matter most to the residents and businesses of our city.

Phil Mendelson
Anita Bonds
Robert White, Jr.
David Grosso
Elissa Silverman
Brianne Nadeau
Mary M. Cheh
Brandon Todd
Kenyan McDuffie
Charles Allen
Vincent Gray
Trayon White”


Well that explains the whole lunar parade appearance we marveled about yesterday.

Former Council Member Jack Evans resigned and left the Council on January 17th…

Thanks to all who sent messages about the head scratching development. Tom Sherwood broke the news around 5:30pm Monday:

“Former W2 CoMember Jack Evans files to run for both the special June election to replace him and the June primary for a new term, per filing with DC Elections Board.”

Some Council Members replied right away: Read More


Ward 2 Council member Jack Evans

This bomb dropped around 7pm last night from the Washington Post:

“A consulting firm owned by D.C. Council member Jack Evans received 200,000 shares of stock in a digital sign company just before Evans promoted legislation that would have benefited the company by allowing it to operate in the District, emails and other documents show.”

It is worth reading the entire jaw dropping report.

Initial reactions: Read More


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