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fast gourmet

Lina Chovil comments on Fast Gourmet’s closure at 14th and W St, NW:

“For you that do not know the full story. The Brothers embezzled over $60k in 2012 to open up their Takeateasy joint. After only a year of being open we where at a loss due to the embezzlement the Oliveras did, the legal expense it took to remove them from the business. Not only did they cause our financial ruin but the family completely broke apart. And on top of that ABC forgot to mention why the payments arrangement was not honored. The rape of Lina Chovil on May 27th 2015 after leaving Mesa14 and only mention the debt amount with out any explanation of the fact. The DC treasure new about this but yet they decided to not care.. after I was hospitalized they took our licenses away and pushed us to male payments promising to give us our license back. Well they never honored their promise. That’s why we stopped selling cigarettes etc in the convenience store.

A restaurant was trying to maintain two business. The convenience store and the restaurant.

So there for those of you who ask why we did not pay our taxes. Blame the Oliveras and the individual that raped the managing partner.

Just letting you know what really happened.

The only one going to court is the rapist.

We cant sue the government, and well the Oliveras we decided not to pursue them criminally back in 2012 due to Juan’s son, we truly cared for his family.

Don’t worry We will be back sooner than you think.

Happy Eating!!”

Ed. Note: I was told via email that they will contact me when they have more details on coming back.

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14th and W Street, NW

Remember last month when we said Valero had closed but Fast Gourmet remains open? About that. Thanks to James for passing on this story from ABC7:

“The popular 14th Street restaurant just shut down after the District revoked its tax certificate. District officials told ABC7 News the company owes more than $330,000 of taxes.”

fast gourmet

Back in 2010 a reader declared, and many agreed at that time that Fast Gourmet had the best sandwiches in town. RIP.

Happier days

by Prince Of Petworth August 16, 2012 at 11:30 am 6 Comments

1990 M St, NW

Back in Jan. 2012 we learned TakeEatEasty would be coming to the former China Cafe space at 1990 M St, NW. The folks from Fast Gourmet write me to say that they are no longer affiliated with the project. Fast Gourmet owners Fernando and Lina Almiron write:

We wanted to in form you that our partnership with Juan Olivera has ended as of July 23rd. Juan (AKA Nacho) and Manuel Olivera are no longer part of Fast Gourmet. Fernando Almiron Founder and Owner of Fast Gourmet has purchased Mr. Oliveras shares and ended his partnership with him due to irreconcilable differences.

We want to make sure that is clear Fast Gourmet has nothing to do with the place the Oliveras are opening in the next coming months. TAKEATEASY is not part of Fast Gourmet and never was, this is a venture Mr.Olivera has with other investors.

As always our focus is to provide our clients a great dinning experience, nothing in the daily operations of the restaurant will change, just minor improvements to enhance the experience here at Fast Gourmet.

by Prince Of Petworth July 11, 2012 at 10:22 pm 1 Comment

Dear PoPville,

I work near the 1990 M street NW building where the new restaurant from the Fast Gourmet people is set to open. I haven’t seen much development going on as there is paper over the windows and the Chinese restaurant sign is still up in front, but I did notice there’s a liquor license request now posted on the windows. Do you have any information on the name of the place and when it is set to open? Looks like the liquor application request is for August 2012 with a hearing in September.

Applying for a liquor license is a good next step. As you noted the hearing date is set for September 4, 2012. The application also lists the name of the restaurant as TakeEatEasy and lists some details:

“New casual restaurant serving gourmet sandwiches and salads. Occupancy Load is 110 and number of seats is 65.”

Let’s hope for a September opening and possibly even sooner if they are able and decide to open before they get their liquor license.

by Prince Of Petworth April 30, 2012 at 10:22 pm 5 Comments

Thanks to all who wrote in about Valero coming to take over the gas station at 14th and W St, NW. I was eager to see if this would have an impact on the Fast Gourmet sandwiches located inside. I’m happy to report that Fast Gourmet will still be serving when Valero takes over. I also asked about their new spot coming to Dupont at 1990 M St, NW and they say we can expect to see that space open in about a month or so.


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