Flier by local Petworth artist Michael Cuesta

From an email:

“This Saturday April 28, dance to classic ska and reggae in the basement of the Dew Drop Inn. Adam Flymo Birch played trumpet with British two-tone ska giants The Specials, and many others. He joins us with his backing band, The Vershones. The Copacetics make their DC debut, touring from Rhode Island.

The Dew Drop Inn
2801 8th Street, NE
Saturday, April 28
Doors 8:30

2801 8th Street, NE


2801 8th Street, NE

From an email:

“There’s a new trivia night in town at the Dew Drop Inn!  Stop by on Tuesday nights at 8:00 for questions ranging from pop culture to hard science, current events to ancient history, geography to psychology to Hermione, and everything in between.  The rotating group of hosts, previously of the long-running trivia night at the Argonaut, write all their own questions and bring their own personal quirk and pizzazz each week. Read More


Dew Drop Inn

From Dew Drop Inn:

“To Whom it may concern and those who would like clarification on our new sign:

For 21-23 year olds, the Dew Drop Inn has to be extra vigilant, because 21-23 yr olds are more likely to show up at the bar knowing that someone in their group has a fake ID. Our policy is not to “ban” 21-23 year olds, but to be extra vigilant regarding their ID’s.

This is a bigger issue for alcohol establishments in college neighborhoods, because only about 25% of “college students” are of the legal drinking age (the Senior class); so most undergraduates are not old enough to be in bars. For this reason, being a “college bar” is not a working business model, even near college campuses.

And with high-quality printers and graphics, there is currently no fool-proof way of determining whether ID’s are fake or legitimate. ABRA (DC’s alcohol regulating agency) acknowledges that there are no scanners on the market that can 100% detect fake ID’s. Instead, security staff is supposed to be able to identify fake ID’s by knowing more than 50 state’s ever-updated ID’s, plus the US territories’, as well as foreign passports.

To further complicate the issue, when there is a breach, the Bar is penalized, not the adult with the fake ID (assuming that the person is over 18 yrs old). If an under-aged patron is found inside the bar with a high quality fake ID, then often both the Bar and the bartender are fined, while the under-aged adult with the fake ID is often simply escorted out of the establishment and sent on their way. So naturally this adds to the allure of using a fake ID – the worst that is likely to happen is that your ID gets confiscated.

So, being in a college neighborhood, Dew Drop Inn’s sign “welcoming” 24 yr olds, is our way of saying that we will be scrutinizing all of our younger patron’s ID’s very closely, and that we hope to err on the side of caution.”


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A reader reports:

“Another daytime shooting about two blocks from metro and Monroe st market. And steps from dew drop inn.”

From MPD (just after 4pm on Sunday):

“On 4-24-2016 an Assault with the Intent to Kill occurred in the 3000 Block of 8th Street NE. A tow truck driver was shot in the cab of his work vehicle.

There are no usable look outs at this time. Nothing further to provide to the public.

The case is being investigated by the Fifth District Detectives.

Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”


dew drop inn
2801 8th Street, NE

From an email:

“My husband and I (also residents of Edgewood) have a start-up stromboli business called STUFF’t and are taking over the kitchen at The Dew Drop Saturday from 3:00 p.m to close.

A little about STUFF’t: We are a new, local start-up based out ofMess Hall in Edgewood. Our goal is to provide a modern and delicious take on the traditional Italian stromboli. Our ‘strombolis’ are made with homemade pizza dough, ‘stuff’t’ with a variety of meats, cheeses and vegetables and baked to crispy perfection. We are very excited to feature 4 varieties at the Dew Drop Inn: pepperoni & cheese; fresh & sundried tomatoes, basil and cheese; meatloaf & mashed potatoes; and chicken & waffles. ”

Check out the menu after the jump. Read More



The eagerly awaited Dew Drop Inn from the owners of Wonderland in Columbia Heights (Rose Donna and Mathew McGovern plus Wonderland’s manager Matt Szymanski) finally opens on Wednesday. And it is awesome. It is awesome not only because of the team but because quite frankly the building is so freaking cool. It is an old industrial building, formerly home to Chocolate City Brewery on the first floor where Dew Drop Inn will eventually expand into. There’s just something about a cool old building that’s hard to explain but it just feels like the real deal. It actually feels like the bar has been around for decades. And part of that is of course because of the great eye of Matthew McGovern.

Some bars open up and while cool it kinda feels like they’re trying too hard. With Wonderland and now Dew Drop Inn – it’s authentic. It’s not forced. Mathew really does dig this shit.  He has an eye for awesome bric a brac. Not too mention the amazing bar salvaged (from I forget where.) You’ll see what I mean when you see all the photos:


Actually, you’ll see what I mean when you check it out in person. They open tomorrow starting at 4pm (will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for now.)  They’re located at 2801 8 Street, NE right near an entrance to the MBT and the CSX train tracks and around the corner from those who know Mess Hall.


Lots more photos after the jump. Read More


2801 8 Street, NE

I’m incredibly excited for Dew Drop Inn from the owners of Wonderland. So are a lot of other folks – thanks to all who sent emails and tweets. The placard says:

“Neighborhood pub serving American-style sandwiches and salads with a 10×10 foot dance floor at the north end, and live musical entertainment with an emphasis on jazz and acoustic quartets. Total Occupancy Load of 68 and Summer Garden with 21 seats. Entertainment Endorsement.”

Can’t freaking wait.



2801 8 Street, NE

Well I wasn’t expecting to hear this today! I spoke with the folks opening the tavern Dew Drop Inn coming to the upstairs space and they say it is unknown what will become of that space. It will be decided in the coming month or so – stay tuned on that front. Thanks to all who emailed – from Chocolate City Beer:

“After three and a half years in business, Chocolate City Beer will be closing its doors and turning off the lights on December 31st 2014. We want to give a heartfelt THANK YOU!!! to all our supporters, friends and family, to our neighbors in Brookland, Edgewood and to the greater DC/DMV region. It was our pleasure to be a part of the local craft beer renaissance since 2011.
We will remain open for our regular Growler Hours both Saturdays December, 20th and 27th, as well as a couple TBA weekday nights approaching New Years Eve.

Our latest and sadly, last brew is in the tank, a New Brew: a heavily hopped Black IPA named GoodBye.P.A.- w/ Citra and Galaxy Hops and a strong roasted malt backbone.

Be sure to swing by, say farewell, pick up some Growlers of the last Cornerstone Copper Ale, Cerveza Nacional Black Lager and our swan song GoodBye.P.A.”


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