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11th and Park Road, NW

Brianne K. Nadeau tweets this morning:

“Great news on the Columbia Heights dog park. I got this letter from @wmata yesterday evening. Thanks to our efforts, they decided to pull it off the market and will negotiate with the District to purchase the property. @11thandBark #SaveTheDogPark”

From the letter:

“That process requires WMATA to sell property for ‘fair market value’, which is equal to $2,150,000 for the 1100 Park Road, NW property.”

Full letter: (more…)

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11th and Park Road, NW

Thanks to Jonnel for passing on from 11th & Bark:

“We are losing the park. WMATA has accepted a bid from a developer that, so far as we know, is not planning to put a dog park of any size on the 11th and Park Rd. property. The timeline is unclear, but we now need to find a new spot for our park. We need the support of our Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and our Council members. We must let them know how important having a dog park is to us. (more…)

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11th and Park Road, NW

The following letter was also sent to Mayor Bowser.

“We are writing you on behalf of a concerned group of residents in North Columbia Heights regarding the WMATA owned property at 11th and Park Road. It is our understanding that the District of Columbia has offered $2.1 million for the parcel to preserve it as a dog park but that WMATA must by law take the highest bid. If the city’s offer is not the highest bidder then a private owner will close the park and develop the property. In that case, we have heard that there is a push to turn the Triangle Park at Sherman Avenue and Park Road into a dog park. We would like to explain why that would be a bad idea and suggest a better alternative.

The Triangle Park as currently configured is one of the last multi-use green spaces left near an 11th and Park neighborhood that will see an additional 60+ condominiums added in the next several years within three blocks. Several hundred apartments and condominiums will be added within an eighth of a mile on Georgia Avenue in the same time frame. Residents regularly utilize the Triangle Park green space for church events, yoga, children’s play space, neighborhood parties and leashed dog walking. It is a truly multi-use space for the entire community that is used on a daily basis by the entire community.

If this park is enclosed and becomes a dog park, all other alternative uses will effectively come to an end. (more…)

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11th and Park Road, NW

Thanks to all who messaged me yesterday. We recently spoke about this prospect last week. The Columbia Heights Dog Park opened here back in 2009. Some neighbors have been trying to fight the sale/encourage D.C. to purchase the property since January of last year. Updates as warranted.


“Metro today announced that eight surplus properties are up for sale in Maryland, Virginia and the District with potential for commercial, residential and/or mixed-use development. The parcels include several sites near or adjacent to Metro stations, including Columbia Heights, College Park, and Glenmont.

The sale of surplus property is expected to save money by reducing maintenance expenses on property Metro no longer needs, while generating additional revenue for capital and operating expenses. (more…)

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11th and Park Road, NW


Thanks to all who’ve messaged about this. Back in January 2009 we reported It’s Official – Columbia Heights Gets an Unofficial Dog Park at 11th and Park.

“Dear PoPville,

Help us save our beloved dog park!! The magical place all the lucky neighborhood dogs and humans get to go to to let their sillies out.

The lot, most warmly termed the 11th & Park Rd NW Dog Park is potentially under threat of closure. Through talks facilitated by local representatives and direct with WMATA (Metro), we’ve found out that WMATA, who owns the plot of land, is considering putting it up for sale for commercial use. (more…)

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via Columbia Heights Listserv

Important warning for dog owners on the Columbia Heights listserv:

“Please be advised, the rat problem on the 700 block of Irving St. is completely out of control. It has gotten to the point where residents are taking matters into their own hands to place poison baits, and are doing so without placing the baits in a way that is safe for pets and other, non-target animals.

Our dog ate one of the baits the other day and had to take a trip to the emergency room. Fortunately, she is fine. Our neighbors on one side said that they found bait blocks on their porch, and that their dog had one in its mouth. We also found two on our porch. Now I am seeing reports that residents are finding chewed up remnants of poison blocks on the sidewalks and in Bruce Monroe Park. These are extremely dangerous, as dogs will eat them very quickly. Our dog almost ate one yesterday, it did not occur to me what it was.

I have attached a photo of one of the offending items. These are also dangerous to children who may come into contact with the poison. I also found a dead squirrel this morning that appeared to have been poisoned.

Quote below from one of our neighbors: (more…)

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columbia heights dog park
11th and Park Road, NW

From a press release:

“This Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM the staff of Patrick’s Pet Care alongside considerate neighborhood volunteers plans to clean up the Columbia Heights dog park. Located at the corner of 11th St and Park Road in Northwest, the popular park has fallen into disrepair in recent years.

Patrick’s Pet Care owner, Patrick Flynn, says the project aims to draw attention to the need for improvements and the importance of the dog park to its community. He hopes this clean-up will provide modest improvements while signaling that a permanent solution is needed to raise the Columbia Heights dog park up to DC standards. (more…)

by Prince Of Petworth May 22, 2013 at 1:30 pm 15 Comments

Photo courtesy of Robyn Swirling

From an email:

We’ve formed a group called Friends of Columbia Heights Dog Park, to support improvements to and maintenance of the dog park at 11th & Park Roads NW. The park is currently a bit of an eyesore, and we want to fix that (as well as a number of safety and sanitation issues) by putting down a different ground material, building a double-entry gate, closing up areas where small dogs can escape, and creating enforceable rules and norms. The land is owned by WMATA, which makes doing this work on our own a little more challenging (we’re totally willing to do all the work, but need guidance and input from them to ensure they still have all the access they need to do what they do). We want to be able to go to them with a list of MANY supporters as part of our effort to get this done. So if you’re a dog owner who uses the park (or you don’t use it because you think it’s gross), and/or you’re a neighborhood resident who is interested in seeing the park get beautified and better maintained, please sign up at www.columbiaheightsdogpark.org.


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