3226 11th Street, NW

Kent Boese, Candidate for DC Council Ward 1 • Chairperson of ANC1A, tweeted us the good Bad Saint news yesterday:

“Received notice that @badsaint_dc has applied for permit to have 10-seat outdoor sidewalk café. I look forward to supporting this application at May @ANC1A meeting.”

across the street at 11th and Lamont St, NW

And Elle asks:

Odd Provisions building a patio? Could they become the Glen’s of 11th St??”


11th and Lamont St, NW

From a press release:

“WHAT: Room 11, neighborhood bar and restaurant, celebrates their eight year anniversary on Thursday, August 24th. Over those eight years, Room 11 has consistently been a favorite neighborhood gathering place, a destination for creative variations on classic cocktails, and home of an evolving bottle collection that fills both its rooms. With more changes on the way, this anniversary celebrates the bar’s origins and contributions from past and present staff that guide Room 11’s personality and hospitality. Read More



Sorry more recognition. More recognition. (and props to Joshua Johnson who called it first a week after their opening.) And well deserved from what I read!! Yesterday’s New York Times review says in part:

“Most people with a glancing knowledge of the cuisine have tried an adobo, a garlic-laden stew braised in soy sauce that’s been soured with vinegar. But Bad Saint’s adobo of tender squid is still astonishing, its sauce deepened and darkened by squid ink and given a slow, lingering burn by long peppers.

The oxtails and bok choi stewed in peanut sauce with an intense undercurrent of shrimp and anchovies is amazing whether this is your first encounter with kare-kare or your hundredth.”

Maybe the rain will the lighten the line a bit tonight…

3226 11th Street, NW


3224 11th Street, NW (to the left)

From an email:

Willow, a clothing + gift shop, located at 834 Upshur Street NW in Petworth, is setting up shop in Columbia Heights for the holiday season! Located at 3224 11th Street NW next door to Bad Saint, the shop will stock a little bit of everything from clothing and housewares to gifts for all ages produced by local makers. DC and Columbia Heights themed products designed by Willow staff as well as new clothing lines will fill the shelves and racks!

The shop will also feature a special selection of titles from Upshur Street Books.

“I am very excited to be bringing a little bit of Upshur Street down to Columbia Heights and 11th Street. Be on the look out for fun window displays and the same friendly atmosphere that we have at the Upshur street location,” says owner Julie Wineinger.

The shop will open Saturday, October 15th and be open through December.”


3226 11th Street, NW

A reader reports:

“Bad Saint expansion? I saw some construction workers moving in and out of the space next to Bad Saint (formerly a hair salon I believe) this morning. The space looked totally gutted and ready for renovation. How exciting would this be??!”

Back in February 2014 Bad Saint’s owner told us that an expansion into a neighboring space on 11th Street was likely. Looks like those plans are moving forward and it’s no surprise given the slew of accolades they’ve been receiving. Given some of the lines we’ve seen this is a very very good thing! Updates as construction progresses.

Update: Sadly, owner Nick Pimentel says no expansion at this time.


bad saint
3226 11th Street, NW

Congrats to the good peeps at Bad Saint for snatching the Number 2 spot in Bon Appetit’s Top 10 Best new restaurants in America:

“I was flying solo, but everything about this 24-seat, no-reservation spot made me feel like family. Credit Filipino-American chef Tom Cunanan and co-owners Genevieve Villamora (the most gracious host I met all year) and Nick Pimentel, who’ve made this place their passion project. Their food is personal, but it’s so much more than just dishes they ate as kids. Bad Saint is the kind of place I spend all year searching for.”



“A missed connection Wednesday 10/7 at Room 11 bar –

I (a woman) was in the last seat toward the back and you (a man) sat next to me– taking the last seat available at the bar. You biked up from Logan Circle (or work maybe…) on your cruiser and ordered the pork chops and a cocktail you didn’t love because of the Sambuca…. . We were talking about the drinks, Bad Saint, the Pope, biking and San Francisco. I was meeting a blind date and ended up leaving the bar without being able to tell you I’d be up for talking more if you are. Reach out if you see this—it would be great to re-connect.”

If you’re the lucky guy – you can email me at [email protected] and I’ll put you in touch with OP.


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