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3417 Connecticut Ave, NW

All is not lost my Cleveland Park cousins – while Ripple was a big loss – Al Volo to the rescue!! I stopped by on Saturday and was told they soft opened Friday night (early word on the Cleveland Park listserve is that they are understandably working out a few kinks in service but the food was delicious and the folks were incredibly friendly, and they were kid friendly too.) I personally can confirm the kindness of the people there. It’s very easy to tell when folks are genuinely nice and I’m happy to say that was evident here. Also the space really looks terrific:

Al Volo’s current hours are 5-10pm Sunday to Thursday and 5pm to midnight Friday and Saturday.  In about a month they’ll be opening up for brunch and lunch as well as a to-go pasta bar.  Updates when that happens, in the meantime check out lots more photos after the jump. (more…)

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Union Market, Adams Morgan, Cleveland Park and now Downtown too! The pizzeria is coming to the briefly open Black Iron space around 13th and E St, NW around the corner from the Warner Theatre. Side note: Can anyone explain why this building has a Pennsylvania Ave address when it is located on E Street?

City Paper reports:

“Cucina Al Volo Pizzeria will serve Roman-style “al taglio” pizza. It’s sold in Italy in giant squares by the pound and is most similar to thick, Sicilian-style pie.”

Standby for opening dates for here and Cleveland Park.

Technically 1299 Pennsylvania Ave, NW but entrance actually on E Street

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3417 Connecticut Ave, NW

Ed. Note: This news follows Mr. Chen’s Organic Chinese opening in the former Nam Viet space a few doors down.

Thanks to Jenna for sending this desperately needed good dining news for Cleveland Park. There was much consternation after learning Ripple had closed after 7 years in Cleveland Park.

Cucina Al Volo opened in the former Pasta Mia space in Adams Morgan back in August of 2016. The early word on Cucina Al Volo has been very good. So let’s mark this a score for Cleveland Park.

Cucina Al Volo’s website says:

“We know that simple ingredients can lead to something extraordinary. Whether you’re stopping in for a quick lunch and dinner or taking home our traditional Italian pasta to share at your own table, Al Volo has you covered. Our authentic Italian pasta recipes have been delighting diners with our Bronze-cut pasta making method. After using wholesome organic ingredients, our pasta is cut intentionally rough to allow savory Italian sauces to stick all the better to your pillowy Ravioli and your twisty Fusilli Bucati. Your nonna would be so proud.”

Check out their full menu here.

Stay tuned for an opening date.

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coming to 440 K Street, NW

Thanks to Michael for passing on a bit more info on Toscana Market from the building Lydian and Lyric:

Italian market and restaurant prossimamente
(coming soon)

The cucina (kitchen) is the heart of every Italian home. This one will be the heart of the neighborhood. Toscana Market, by Daniele Catalani of the popular Al Volo restaurants, is an authentic Italian market and restaurant offering culinary classes, gourmet foods, and much more. Coming soon.”

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3311 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to all who messaged me the news from Washingtonian:

“Cleveland Park mainstay Ardeo+Bardeo will serve its final dinner on Sunday after 20 years in business.

The new American eatery is closing to make way for an entirely new concept from restaurateur Ashok Bajaj, who’s behind the Oval Room, Rasika, and Bindaas (among others). The latter Indian street food spot, whose flagship adjoins Ardeo, will remain open as usual during the transition–a revamp that will include a change in cuisine, full design makeover, and new head chef.”

OK it’s no secret that Cleveland Park has faced some restaurant woes of late. This should not be added to that list. Despite the narrative – this news is most welcome. To put it bluntly – Ardeo had gotten stale after 20 years. Couple this with how fantastic Bindaas has been – I can’t wait to see Bajaj’s next vision!! A refresh to a business hindered by the antiquated service lane from such a successful restauranteur like Ashok Bajaj should be celebrated. This may be the only thing to resuscitate some life on this end of the strip with Bindaas. [Al Volo has been a welcome addition on the other end of the block.] Now if Ardeo/Bardeo had closed with no plans for a replacement – it would be a disaster. This is a blessing. I can’t wait to learn more. Stay tuned.


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