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1328 Florida Ave, NW Photos courtesy Ivy Wild

From an email:

Ivy Wild carries clean and organic skincare and makeup brands, including men’s skincare supplies. Many of the brands are also smaller, independent, women-owned businesses; many are highly eco-conscious and practice fair-trade and sustainable production.”

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“WASHINGTON, DC: PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR WINNIE (GOLDEN RETRIEVER). Our building (Capitol View on 14) reported that an Asian man who claimed to be a dog walker, picked her up several hours ago and did not return her. We are desperately searching for her.”

: “thank you everyone. She’s been located. It was a new dog walker for the building across the street (same apartment #) and he just returned her. Honestly the most traumatizing half hour of our lives worrying about our little girl but she’s safe and sound (and we have implemented a new security process with the building for her walks). Thank you everyone for the quick attention to Winnie!!”

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courtesy Franklin Hall

From a press release:

Franklin Hall, an American beer hall located at 1348 Florida Ave NW in the Manhattan Laundry building, is opening Friday, June 9, at 4pm.

Franklin Hall is an ode to Benjamin Franklin, America’s foremost investor and lover of beer, wine, and cider, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, the man who brought the cocktail back. The Manhattan Laundry building was built in 1877 and was originally used as a car barn for the Washington & Georgetown Railroad Company, before converting to a laundry in 1905. We are joining neighbors La Colombe, WeWork, Mothership Strategies, and the forthcoming Maydan.

The space is large, covering over 5,500 square feet, with long beer hall tables that fit 12-16 people and leather chesterfield couches throughout. We have a selection of table games available such as Jenga, Connect 4, card games, and more. Within Franklin Hall there are three areas purposefully designed for gatherings, which will accommodate groups of up to 30 people each. 24 taps are mirrored three times behind the 60-foot bar, with a walk-up kitchen located on the opposite side of the room. 20 taps are designated for beer, one for a draft cocktail, and three for draft wine. The food menu was designed by consulting Chef Matt Baker of Gravitas in Ivy City. Within the next month Franklin Hall will roll out a weekend brunch menu featuring all day breakfast tacos. (more…)

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Thanks to a reader for passing on from Mint:

“MINT announces our first dedicated fitness studio! To be located at the newly developed Manhattan Laundry building on Florida Ave at 14th Street, the new studio will feature two studio rooms inside and offer showers, lockers and minty amenities. Programming offerings include Power Playground, Cycle, MINTFuze, TRX, Core, MINTensity and more. This first MINT Studio will open in late summer 2017. The studio will offer both class packages and ‘all-access’ memberships that will include unlimited use of the studio and both clubs. Current MINT members will be offered special rates, stay tuned for more info soon.”

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franklin hall
1346 Florida Avenue, NW

Last week when we spoke about Maydan, from the owners of Compass Rose, coming to the Manhattan Laundry building – some folks noted that there was major construction going on Florida. They were looking at the space that will shortly be Franklin Hall. Back in August we learned Franklin Hall would be a:

“New Tavern. Serving a fine selection of draft beers, wine and craft cocktails. The food will be selections of sausages, giant pretzels and fries. Entertainment Endorsement to provide live entertainment, dancing, and cover charge. Total Occupancy Load is 232. Summer Garden with 40 seats.”

Gotta be days away from opening:


You can see more (better) photos of the interior on Tin Shop’s website. Tin Shop are also partners in Smoked & Stacked, Big Chief, Lost & Found, Penn Social and others. Stay tuned for an exact opening date.

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Florida Ave just east of 14th Street, NW

Sweet! Lots more info on the 2nd restaurant from the Compass Rose folks.

From a press release:

“Rose Previte and Mike Schuster, the team behind Compass Rose, are excited to announce a new wood-fire cooking concept to open in the fall at the Manhattan Laundry Project, located at 14th St. and Florida Ave. Maydan, which means a square or gathering place, is inspired by Rose’s experiences living in Russia and traveling to the Caucasus and surrounding lands. It’s an Arabic word, but is used throughout the Old World, from India to Northern Africa, in countless languages and places in between.

Maydan will feature a large bar on the lower level, with family style dining above. It will be a place to gather and break clay oven-baked bread, and will showcase dishes that are not well known in America, coming from the rich traditions of cuisines like Iranian, Georgian and North African. These food traditions are each distinct, yet are also inter-connected through spices and breads. Inspired by the flavors of forgotten and forbidden lands, ancient east-west trade routes and cooking techniques, Maydan strives to reframe Old World stories and methods for a new, hungry, and inquisitive audience. (more…)

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shots fired
Photo by FstrBtrStrngr

From MPD:

“At 835pm tonight, MPD units patrolling heard several gunshots in the area of 14th and Florida and 14th and Belmont…. Anyone with information relating to this is encouraged to call 202- 727 9099 or email me directly at [email protected]

FstrBtrStrngr reports:

“gunshots 14th and Belmont NW. 6 of them. Big block party going on on Belmont.”

Another reader reports:

“gunfire at 14th and Florida NW- DC police on the scene but holy cow what a sound in the middle of a busy Saturday night”


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