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“According to the guy in the wheelchair, the door is frequently “broken” and he’s not often not able to get inside.”

“Dear PoPville,

I witnessed something tonight (Tuesday, around 6:45pm) that I wanted to share and get ideas on how to address. I was walking by the 7/11 at Florida and 14th Street and saw a man in a wheelchair attempting to open the ground level door along 14th Street. I went over to help him open it, but found that the door was controlled by the clerk inside and he was waiting for them to answer the bell. (Like in a fancy jewelry store in the movies, you have to be buzzed in.) Except they didn’t buzz him in and the clerks just shrugged him off, making “it’s broken” gestures at us. According to the guy in the wheelchair, the door is frequently “broken” and he’s not often not able to get inside.

This is ridiculous, offensive, and (I think) illegal. I’m calling DCRA and Councilmember Nadeau’s office. I heard back from Briane this morning – they’re aware of and they’ve notified the store that they’re in violation of federal and local laws. Yet it seems to continue. I wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced/witnessed this behavior and if you have any ideas on what else we can do to stop it.”

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