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I realize this question is a bit morbid but after posting about the Luke’s Lobster coming to Farragut Square yesterday, it got me thinking about a last meal because I know I would put a Luke’s Lobster roll on it. I’d also have to have a french onion soup from Chez Billy, a steak from Peter Lugers, a slice of pizza from Miceli’s, one of those seafood towers from Le Diplomate, a big bowl of Pho from Pho Viet, whatever in the hell Himitsu feeds me, a pastrami sandwich from Parkway Deli and I’ll take a Gryo from Yanni’s for old time’s sake. RIP Yanni’s. What’s on your list?

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“Crime on Metro in 2017 plunged to its lowest level in a more than decade, the transit authority announced today.

Last year, there were a total of 1,282 Part I crimes on Metro, a 19 percent reduction from 2016 and a 43 percent drop from 2010 levels. Declines were reported in every category of crime:

Aggravated assaults were down 27 percent
Robbery was down 18 percent
Motor vehicle theft and attempted motor vehicle theft were down 45 percent and 39 percent, respectively
Snatch/pickpocket incidents were down 27 percent
Larceny was down 10 percent Rape was down 67 percent, with two incidents reported in 2017
There were no homicides, arsons, burglaries in 2017, compared to 5 homicides, 3 arsons, and 2 burglaries in 2016. (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

Should DC residents get first chance at DC jobs? For the past few months, a crew of 12-15 people has been working on major water/sewer jobs in Columbia Heights. I don’t know that they aren’t DC residents, but all the vehicles they arrive in each day have Maryland plates, they all speak exclusively Spanish, and there are no African Americans at all.

I know DC used to have some rules about hiring some percentage of locals – but haven’t found anything recent about how contracts like this are awarded. A few of the jobs are certainly skilled/technical – (operating equipment etc.) – but most are simply labor – (digging, shoveling etc.) and one or two (holding signs for traffic) require no skills or training at all.

They are all super hard-working people, (worked steadily through our 2 weeks of Arctic cold!) and I don’t begrudge them these jobs. But shouldn’t public works projects, paid for with DC tax dollars, have at least some of the jobs going to DC residents?

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“Frida and Pancho from Petworth, loving Christmas!”

“Here is Warren really upping her cute game on Christmas Eve.”

“Louie, having a merry little Christmas.”

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14th and U Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Wondering if you know what’s happening at 14th and U. We used to have a turn signal there. It was removed a while back.

Now there is regularly a police officer there directing traffic. Last Saturday, I was out running errands by foot. The police officer was YELLING at pedestrians not to cross, even when we had the light, so that she could let cars turn left. It wasn’t particularly backed up. It meant that a lot of people were confused about whether they could cross and would then try to run while she was letting people go. It was a hot mess.

This is a highly trafficked pedestrian area. Why is DDOT prioritizing car traffic there? If they want people to cross safely and drivers to turn left safely, this is not a good solution. Maybe we need that fancy intersection they have in Chinatown.” Ed. Note: There’s also a barnes dance crossing in Columbia Heights. Not a bad idea here!


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