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  • whovous

    Batman goes electric?

    • anon

      Only a little. The i8 plugs in and advertises an “all-electric” range of 15mi. But even in that mode, there’s incidental gasoline consumption (EPA pegs it at .1 gallons per 100 mi, and therefore its EPA-rated all-electric range is zero miles). This makes it significantly less of an electric car and more of a hybrid than other plug-in hybrids, many of which are electric cars with backup gasoline engines.
      But it’s on the spectrum.

  • CatieCat

    I see this car parked across from the Old soldiers home on 5th most mornings. Im always surprised such a nice car is just parked on the street!

  • Arnie_Abs

    HA, Its only a car but I love it. Thanks for the shout out.


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