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  • Tall E

    Reminds me of my 1980 hatchback 5 speed in that color! My first car, drove it west with the heat blasting through the desert to keep it from overheating. It was a great car other than the terrible color.

  • Tom

    OMG I just have two questions: 1) is the car for sale, and 2) give me the car

  • spookiness

    I love that color. Never cared much for Toyota’s though. Family had a 82 Civic in a dark metallic brown, then I had an 83 in “avignon blue.” I thought I was semi-crazy for buying a used car with 100k on it, but it got me through college and beyond. Trading it with 205k on it is one of my life’s regrets.

  • MK

    Wow, everyone makes fun of my 1990 Corolla. Now I can show them this.


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